Home Features That Seattle Millenial Home Buyers Love

Move over baby boomers. Millennials are changing what homeownership looks like not only here in Seattle– but across the U.S. This group is nothing like their parents. They are tech-savvy –utilizing social media platforms and hashtags to hunt for and view potential homes. And don’t think they’re going to walk into a local bank and apply for a mortgage like their parents did.

These days, millennials surf the web to snag the lowest interest rate for their mortgage. Most will have multiple approvals in their inbox before they begin their house hunt.  So, it’s no surprise that the features they’re looking for are much different than the tastes and preferences of their parents. Here’s a list of some ‘must-have’ features to showcase when putting your home on the market.

Smart Homes

Millennials are glued to their devices. They’ve incorporated tech in nearly every part of their lives: smartphones, smartwatches, apps, and they want that smart tech in their homes. For the young mom or dad who’s juggling a bag of groceries with one hand and hanging onto her toddler with the other- they wants things simplified. They want to be able to use voice command technology and instruct Google or Alexa to lock or unlock a door. They also need to be able to turn a digital thermostat on or off- up or down, control the lights, home security cameras, and answer the doorbell –all with an app.

Privacy and Security

This generation values privacy, so gated communities or condo buildings with a doorman or security are a huge plus. They create outdoor sanctuaries equipped with plenty of trees to shield them from the prying eyes of neighbors and give them the feeling of seclusion they crave.

Millennial-Friendly Gardens and Outdoor Design Trends​.                          

In addition to privacy shrubs, this group of home buyers is obsessed with lush, green lawns and gardens. A lawn made up of Kentucky bluegrass or perennial ryegrass will be the easiest to maintain. They want to enjoy their yard without having to spend hours working on it. Homes with easy-to-maintain gardens blooming with native plants add to the curb appeal that attracts millennial homebuyers in Seattle.

This younger group also loves solar-powered LED outdoor lighting on the back patio and garden areas. Outdoor entertaining is popular these days, especially during a pandemic. Outdoor lighting enables them to entertain after the sun goes down.

Location, Location, Location

While this group enjoys seclusion, most have active lifestyles and want to be able to walk or bike to the local coffee shop to meet up with friends. They also want a grocery store within a few miles from their home. After all, convenience is a big deal for this group.

Open Floor Plans & Modern Amenities

Gone are the days of formal dining rooms or living rooms with fancy, white furniture that no one can sit on. This group of younger buyers wants to be comfortable. They love open floor plans–and multi-functional rooms. They believe the kitchen, dining, and living areas should be connected.  Because they love hosting their family and friends, a home with a large kitchen equipped with modern energy-efficient appliances and newer floors and cabinets is a huge selling point.  

Flexibility and Remote Work

Speaking of floor plans, this is a generation of remote workers, tech startups, and social media influencers. Factor in a pandemic that kicked off a new era of remote work. Many millennials are now working from home and need room for their home offices.   

Health and Wellness

This group of buyers is consumed with health and wellness. They are eating healthier and exercising more. And so, millennials are seeking out communities to buy homes that offer walking, biking, and hiking trails along with parks with lush greenery and trees where they can plop their yoga mat down – and unwind for a little bit.

According to Zillow, it’s going to be another hot housing market in 2022 with more than 6 million people expected to buy a home. Millennials will be one of the most active demographic groups on the hunt. If you’re looking to attract these buyers, now is the time to start thinking about curb appeal and staging your home with the ‘must-have’ features they’re looking for. 

James Winston is a retired realtor and freelance writer. He enjoys upgrading homes with all the latest gadgets and improving landscapes.     


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