How To Maintain Curb Appeal

Wow your neighbors and welcome guests with a beautifully maintained curb appeal.  Simple upkeep goes a long way to make your home cheerful and inviting during year round.

There are so many ways to maintain curb appeal. Basic maintenance such as keeping the front yard fresh by mowing, weeding, and watering the grass make the biggest impact. Consider laying fresh mulch and plant colorful flowers around trimmed shrubbery. More labor intensive and less regular upkeep may include power washing pathways, stairs, and porches to remove grime and tough to remove weeds.  Washing windows and clearing the gutters and venting of unwanted debris should be done quarterly at the least.  Cut back any obtrusive tree branches that block sunlight into the home or hang in pathways.  Replace missing stones in garden-bed edges or patch breaks in retaining walls.  Place fresh gravel or refill cracks in concrete driveways.  Place flowers in planter boxes under windows and along front porch railings.  Line pathways with flowers which guide guests to your front door.  

Revive your front door, window sills, garage door, and shutters by refreshing the paint.  Pick lively colors to jive with the summer vibe.  Replace old or broken shutters which match your window size.  Be sure to repair external roofing or chimney damage!  Wood accents are another option to paint; especially for window trimming and doors. Tie together landscaping, basic maintenance, and new paint for beautiful curb appeal.

Your curb appeal sets the tone for how neighbors and visitors view your home. If you’re considering selling, it is the first thing a potential home buyer might see if they are coming to an open house. Your curb appeal is just as important as the interior of your home.

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