Comprehensive Interior Design

The following steps will ensure the best design outcome every time.

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    Initial Consultation

    The process starts with us listening to you, a skill we pride ourselves on. Our objective during this visit is to learn more about your design needs and get a clear understanding of your project’s scope.

  • #2

    Client Collaboration

    In this phase, we will work closely with you to transform your style, design needs, and ideas into a refined concept.

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    Design Concept

    Once the design concept has been established, we will expand and develop the ideas further to fully design your spaces in detail.

  • #4

    Design Presentation

    This is usually the most exciting phase for our interior design clients. We will meet with you and reveal your designed spaces.

  • #5

    Ordering & Purchasing

    We will work closely with the vendors to ensure all of your custom-made pieces are ordered with the exact specifications. As always, we will share our trade discounts with you to stretch your design budget.

  • #6


    If your project involves remodeling and working with general contractors, we will conduct site visits during this phase. We will keep tabs on the progress of work being done to ensure your project is moving forward with a smooth and accurate installation.

  • #7

    Project Management

    Sometimes you may need extra help for certain tasks that are not part of your design project. We can help you with these projects as well based on our hourly rate.

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