I have worked with Shirin Sarikhani of Seattle Staged To Sell & Design many times in the past few years. Shirin is an excellent stager and the first person I call when I have a seller that is in need of a complete home staging or a redesign using their current furnishings. Shirin knows so much about staging and also has a keen eye for what will be needed to make the home appeal to a particular buyer for a home. She is professional, thorough, and a whole lot of fun. I have many choices when it comes to home staging companies, but Shirin is the only number I have in my phone. There is a good reason for this… she is simply the best.

Michael Ackerman


Founded 10 years ago by Shirin Sarikhani, Seattle Staged to Sell has been one of our longest standing staging partners. SSTS works seamlessly with NWG | Compass sellers in preparing and presenting homes for the market. Shirin and her team are attentive, honest, and incredibly passionate about “getting it right” for our clients. We are thrilled to call them one of our top partners and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to stage their home! 

Brad Cahill

NWG | Compass

Shirin and her team are a professional joy to work with. Expectations are clear, schedules are committed to and above all, the results of their work are always successful in helping me sell my listings.

John Stewart


I cannot say enough positive things about Shirin and her team! Professional, creative, easy to work with, efficient, patient and a great value too.

I interviewed three staging companies and Staged to Sell was head and shoulders above the others. They take a very personal approach to staging, understanding the house and WHO the likely BUYER will be and stage to that buyer's lifestyle. It worked for us. We had an over listing offer one day after listing and the buyers were exactly who Shirin staged the house for! They fell in love with our house. And we couldn't be happier.

Staged to Sell also provided a detailed room by room quote outlining what would be placed in each room and what the intention for the various spaces was.

The entire team from the designers, the staging set up crew to the great gals in the office were professional, patient, and proactive and prompt in their communication.

We would not hesitate to recommend and hire Staged to Sell again.

Utterly thrilled we are! Thank you Staged to Sell.

Michele C.

I really loved the opportunity to work with the Seattle Staged to Sell team from start to finish. Everyone was very professional, courteous, hard-working and appreciative. After giving my seller clients 3 referrals, we interviewed all and they selected SS2S. So happy they did because their historic Capitol Hill home was transformed into modern lifestyle living. Nearly all 250+ who came through the open houses loved how the design complemented the home...sold in 7 days.



Working with Shirin and Kate and the entire crew is always a treat and a pleasure.

Their ability to turn a beautiful home into a magnificent home is the very reason I work with them.

They are professional and timely and can make things happen when you need them.

If you're looking to get a home sold fast and at the highest price possible, I highly recommend them!


Dave Reith


Well, where to start about these guys....

It's rare pleasure to find a team as professional, communicative, and talented as the Staged to sell and Design crew! The entire process was smooth and seamless, and every person I came in contact with, from the initial phone conversation, to the walk through consults was competent and upbeat. Even the movers and warehouse staff ( I went to change out a piece of furniture, my mistake, NOT theirs, then I was taken on a warehouse tour!), everyone greeted me with a smile on their face. And when de-staging was complete, the home was in great condition, clean and none of the dings and scratches so common in the de-staging hustle. Reasonable pricing for a very complete staging job. I recommend them whole-heartedly!

Sinclair Malcolm


We moved out to allow staging of our entire house. Shirin and Kate were friendly, positive, professional, and accommodating throughout the entire process. The staging was stunningly beautiful and creative, enhancing the appearance of each room yet maintaining a common theme throughout. We received compliments from potential buyers and our own family and friends. We almost wanted to move back in! Within the first two days, we had three offers over asking price on a $5 million dollar property. Based on the comments that we received, I'm certain that the magnificent staging was a major reason the house sold so quickly and at a high price.

Gautham R.

We used Staged to Sell to stage our house for sale in May 2018. We are a couple in our 60s with no children and the house was decorated and furnished to our adult taste. Shirin had a vision of the target buyer reflected in the staging of our house. She felt the target buyer was a family with young children – she staged one bedroom beautifully for a teenage girl and another bedroom for two young boys. Our two leading offers were from one family with a teenage girl (who loved the pink girly room) and another family with young twin boys.  I am sure the staging helped increase the value of the sale and probably contributed to the fact that we had a very speedy sale – three weeks from listing to closing date.

Jackie B.

Congratulations on your 18th birthday! I have to say, our relationship has been one of the best partnerships I have had in this industry. You are all amazing at what you do, and, even better, incredible people! Congrats again and cheers for always bringing excellence!

Michael Ackerman

TeamUp, CBBain

I talked with a few staging companies before signing my contract with Seattle Staged To Sell.  The moment Kate picked up the phone at my original inquiry, I knew I wanted to work with this team.  Everyone I came into contact with at Seattle Staged To Sell (during the 3-months before listing my home) was polite, helpful, and excited about the project.  Shirin, Kate, Dalana, and Allie (and all the others I came into contact with during this process) were incredibly supportive.  They took such care when making decisions and keeping me in the loop.  My situation was stressful - and after they signed on, it was one less thing for me to worry about.  I had complete faith in them, and they didn't disappoint; they exceeded my expectations.  EVERY time I called, no matter who I talked to, knew exactly who I was, without all the fanfare of here's my address, my account number, blah blah blah, to figure out the associated project.

Thank you to everyone at Seattle Staged To Sell. This project was personal to me, and I appreciate that you made it personal to each of you.

Ellen A.

My experience with Seattle Staged to Sell was superb from start to finish. Kate was kind, helpful and patient. I had intended to hire them for an occupied home staging. After seeing the house they suggested they do a pre-listing consultation instead. Shirin came and "shopped my house" and showed me how to rearrange the furniture I already had, and clarified what I should keep and what I should remove. She saved me not only the fees I would have paid to have them stage, but also what I would have paid myself to buy pieces I learned weren't necessary. She was gracious, direct, and incredibly helpful. She left me with the confidence, assurance, and know how I needed to take on the staging of our home on my own. Our home sold in 5 days over list price. I'm still so impressed that Shirin and her team put my needs and budget above their own interests. I recommend them highly!

Kjirsti F.

Great job. Added $30K to the price of the house. Very professional and headache-free. Recommend to anyone!

Dmitry A.

Wow!!! Our sweet little West Seattle home was transformed by Shirin & her creative team! We went from cute to classically elegant & we almost didn’t want to move!! Our house sold in 9 days with multiple offers & we attribute a huge portion of that to Shirin. Her vision as she walks through your home is astounding; she instinctively sees the house as it needs to be. We highly recommend this company.

Elise Blane

We needed to find stagers on short notice. The Staged to Sell team was extremely quick and responsive. They came by on the same day I called and had a quote and plan within 24 hours. Their staging was modern, stylish, and effective, with high quality furniture and accessories. It reflected our style and the home's uniqueness. The photos with their work were gorgeous, and we sold in eleven days despite a housing market slowdown.  We highly recommend them.

Martha Johnson

I just wanted to let you know…..  I had seen photos of the staged house and was impressed but now realize that the photos just don’t do it justice.   I was able to see it in person last week for the first time and was just floored.  The impact was dramatic and stunning; I couldn’t get over how fantastic the house looked.  I got there at 2am with pillow and thermarest in hand expecting to crash immediately but I ended up walking around the house for over an hour discovering the many subtle incidental details like the little plate of corks on top of a smushed napkin.  (I marveled at that for quite a while.)  I realized what a wonderful job you did beyond what I originally thought and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the creative and thoughtful staging of my house.  The house now has a pending offer and I know that you had much to do with that success.  

Franny T.

Where to begin on how fantastic of services and professionalism provided by Seattle Staged to Sell & Design. Having just parted ways with a different Staging company, I was in a pinch to find a replacement. My house was rapidly approaching time for going live on NWMLS. I reached out to Kate and explained my situation. She was a calming inspiration as she assured me Seattle Staged to Sell could meet my deadline. True to her word, Kate found a time slot available, just days before listing. On the assigned day, the designing team arrived and began their magic of transforming my house into a “Home”. Their care for details, selections of colors, art work and furniture that accentuated the qualities of my house was magnificent. I received compliments from friends, family and prospective buyers alike. Outstanding Home Staging by an outstanding company.

Ronald W.

Our realtor recommended we work with Seattle Staged to Sell when we put our downtown condo on the market. We were initially impressed with their design expertise, and our expectations were exceeded when we saw the photographs of our staged home. It was very tastefully decorated and resulted in an offer at asking price within the first two weeks. I’m convinced the success was due in large part to the wonderful staging work. Highly recommend!

Katie T.L.

I’d like to compliment you on the tasteful job staging the Grays’ Seattle property.  I’ve seen and worked with major staging companies and I would have to say this is among some of the finest staging I’ve seen.  It’s not overdone or trite with a nice, well-balanced use of the spaces.

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