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My name is Shirin Sarikhani and I was born in Iran and moved to the United States when I was very young. Believing in education, my parents sent all of their children abroad to attend universities. When it came to me, the political climate was changing rapidly, so my parents made the difficult decision to send me away much earlier than a child should be separated from parents. This decision proved to be a wise one and changed my life for the better though the separation was hard.

I finished high school, went to university, married, and moved to London. As an urban person, I immensely enjoyed living in London. I made wonderful friendships and memories during those years with my daughters being born there as well.

Besides visiting all of the historical sites, museums, art events and colorful markets London has to offer, I kept finding myself in places such as Conran showrooms, since Terrace Conran is one of my favorite design icons. My sister-in-law and I opened up a home décor business in the heart of Hampstead, a bit north of London’s West End. But destiny had different plans for my family and me. Shortly after, we moved back to Seattle. The big move and relocation was difficult, but again, as with my first move to the U.S., this decision turned out to be a great one for my family.

After my arrival in Seattle, I started toying with the idea of getting back into the design business, but I wanted to be there for my children since they were still young. Home staging seemed a great solution where I still could exercise my design muscles, yet keep the projects short and manageable so I could be home with the kids. Since I grew up away from my own parents, in a way, being home with my daughters somehow made up for my early separation.  This is how Seattle Staged To Sell began in 2005.

As my kids grew older and I had more time to focus on the business, I expanded our services and added new designers to help with the demanding workload. Often times, when home sellers saw their homes transformed after staging, they would ask us to design their new homes. The demand was high enough that I decided it was time to offer a full interior design service. This is how "& Design" was added to our business name and we became Seattle Staged To Sell & Design.

Throughout the years, it has been a privilege meeting many incredible people that I might not have otherwise met. We look forward to more years of doing the same.

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