Should I Stage My House During a Buyers’ Market?

As the real estate market shifts towards buyers as the dominant side of transactions, sellers may experience some frustration. Interest rates are continuing to soar, pricing out and scaring away homebuyers who would otherwise be interested in your home. Successfully selling a home is harder than it used to be, and the market seems to be shifting towards a buyers’ market. This shift has made some sellers feel intimidated to listing their home on the market.  Homeowners are expecting to have to lower their prices and accept lowball offers. Why even try? Today, we will discuss how staging your house during a buyer’s market will help you sell it quickly and increase your bottom line.


Home Staging Paints the Picture

Trying to sell a house without proper staging is like trying to sell a blank art canvas. The frame and size of the canvas are still appealing to some. However, not everyone can envision what it will truly look and feel like to see it in full bloom. Staging a home helps prospective buyers become emersed in a shortened experience of living in the property. Without staging, it can be hard to imagine the full potential of a home. Professional staging companies can bring the interior of a home to life. The goal is to make it attractive
and welcoming while remaining relatively neutral. This way, your home can generate interest from buyers with a range of different tastes and styles. There is potential in every home. Staging brings that potential out with a bang and enhances the experience of every buyer walkthrough.

staged luxury midcentury living room with cream sofa and stone fireplace

Home Staging Makes Your Home Stand Out

A uniquely staged home stands out from the rest. In expensive west coast real estate markets, like Washington and California, unique staging is vital to the success of your listing. Especially amongst a sea of luxury homes, a unique style of staging can be the difference maker in getting the offer you’re looking for. In a buyer’s market, you can sell quickly and for a great price with staging. Uniquely styled homes can attract unique buyers willing to pay a premium. It’s worth investing in a staging company that can provide an excellent yet distinctive service to make your home stand out.

staged long in midcentury living room with stone feature wall

Mirror Your Competition

There is a fine line to walk when staging your home. Ideally, you want to have your property stand out as a uniquely staged home. However, you also don’t want to be too different from the rest of the neighborhood’s preferred style. Either way, if neighboring houses for sale are staging their homes, it’s imperative that you do as well. It’s hard to replicate the same results that others do unless you at least mirror some of their marketing strategies. Certain homebuyers won’t even tour a property unless it’s staged because your home comes across as less attractive online.

staged living room in luxury home

Buyers want to see your home in full force.

Walking through a staged home offers a different experience for buyers. Different styling ideas can come to them as they tour your home. Oftentimes, buyers become more interested in a home after seeing it staged versus only browsing through pictures online. Homes are staged with the intention of immersing buyers in the exciting home of their dreams. Staging companies paint the picture of how great a future life could be. Investing in a local staging company can help your house sell with ease during a buyers’ market.

Staged living room with transitional and midcentury inspired decor


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