6 Outdated Staging Trends

The first step of making a good sale in real estate is – staging your home properly. What do we mean by that? Staging is a tried-and-true method that may help you sell your property more quickly. It may even enable you to get a better selling price for it. However, staging is not always a simple task, particularly if you lack previous knowledge. To make matters even more complicated, a few of the home staging ideas that were successful ten or twenty years ago do not resonate in the market as they did before. To successfully stage your home, you must be aware of the most recent design trends. So, check out these six outdated staging trends and how to avoid them. 

1# Countertops made of marble

Marble may be elegant and fashionable, but it is prone to retaining stains. Because of this, more and more homeowners are opting to replace marble countertops with quartz or soapstone instead. In other words, they are less difficult to maintain. In the long run, this will save you a significant amount of time and effort. The lessons of history have shown us that ubiquitous materials can’t continue to be fashionable for an indefinite amount of time, and the popularity of marble is beginning to wane. So, marble countertops might be a mistake you’ll want to avoid when it comes to staging nowadays.

Consider quartz instead

Quartz is better for the environment has more color possibilities than granite, and takes less upkeep overall. Another benefit of quartz countertops is that it never has to be sealed, unlike marble or granite ones. If you still haven’t decided on which material to choose between quartz and granite, you should know that quartz is nonabsorbent. In other words, it’s not prone to staining and, in turn, doesn’t harbor harmful bacteria.

2# Old wallcoverings

The use of wallpaper has been considered one of the outdated staging trends for some time now. The fact that wallpaper designs may represent an individual’s taste and that they might include quite distracting patterns can be potential turnoffs for prospective purchasers. Before you sell your house, you should get rid of the wallpaper and give it a new coat of paint in a neutral hue, at the very least. According to the experience of experts at verifiedmovers.com, purchasers consider removing the wallpaper once they move a nuisance. 

3# Fake plants belong to outdated staging trends

For many decades, fake plastic plants have been employed as a decorative feature; nevertheless, they might do more damage than good in the modern world. A residence might seem out of date if decorated with fake plants, flowers, or fruit. Instead, you should use lush plants, fresh flowers, and actual fruit. Those are the healthy interior design elements you’ll want in your home. It will not only make the area seem newer. It also gives the impression of a home with a soul and natural vibe. Some of the good picks for making your home more green are:

  • Dracaena Marginata
  • Rubber Plant
  • Snake Plant
  • Orchids
  • ZZ Plant

4# Your fingerprints all over the house

While staging your house, you should store away any personal items, such as photographs and trinkets, even if they may contribute to the property’s overall aesthetic appeal. Your personal belongings might be a distraction for potential buyers in today’s market when the objective is to make it as simple as possible for prospective buyers to see themselves living in the space. So, be sure to maintain as much impartiality as you possibly can.

Decluttering can help

If you want to ‘remove your fingerprints’ from home in staging, decluttering is an excellent way to go. It will also make your life much easier once you finally sell and decide to move. Especially if you are moving cross country in WA, you’ll want to plan and do this one step ahead. You’ll also want to search for professional movers and check if the right help is available on time. That way, you won’t stress out about clutter and moving when the time comes.

5# Steer clear of the all-white kitchen

There was a time when all-white kitchens, which included white walls, cabinets, and appliances, were on the cutting edge of interior design. However, this style is a little bit stale. Suppose you want to stage your kitchen to impress today’s buyers, design one that is cozy and has the ideal proportion of light and dark tones. Make an effort to produce an appealing appearance by giving your color scheme a little shake-up.

6# Too formal/unformal living room

The “traditional living room” is often stuffy, well-kept, and less functional than the den or family room, which many people continue to differentiate from the “living room.” This is often the location of the less comfortable, more ornamental pieces of furniture. However, it is not necessary to prepare a living room in the current market, so it is spotless. If your living room is too uptight, it could make your potential buyer uncomfortable. No one wants to be stressed out about accidentally spilling something in their home. Also, a living room is a place for resting, so it should not resemble your office. The key to staging is cozy up a modern space and make it desirable to a broader specter of buyers.


Staging is a strategy that ultimately assists the customer in seeing themselves in the area. Using personal things, outmoded staging styles or flashy design might make that aim more challenging to accomplish. It’s also essential to keep your design up to date and avoid these outdated staging trends. If you are having trouble staging your property, look at some other nearby ads for homes for sale to get some ideas. However, the most secure way to avoid staging mistakes is to hire a reliable home staging professional. They know the buyers and the market and will provide you with the best ideas to help you sell in no time.

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