Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

Home staging can make or beak the sale of your home. The National Realtors Association found that “Eighty-two percent of buyers’ agents said staging made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.” When staging your home, there are many resources for tips and tricks. But how about what to avoid? Here are our tips for avoiding several of the major mistakes people make when staging homes.

Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

#1 Not Thinking About How Your Home Will Photograph

The NAR found that “More than 7 in 10 agents find photos, videos and virtual tours more important since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.” While photographs have been an important part of the buying and selling process, they are now pretty crucial in our opinion. Now more than ever, people are buying homes without even seeing them in person. Photographs should be top of mind. Ask your agent for support as they should be well informed and able to coordinate a photographer. Many agents have in house photographers these days too, so choose wisely!

#2 Using Furniture That Doesn’t Fit the Room

This is one of many reasons to consider investing in a professional home stager. Hiring a professional can give you the opportunity to furnish the home with new items that fit the style and size of the home. Professional home stagers are able to identify your prospective home buyer, design the home accordingly and in do it in style. Having a dining table for four in a five bedroom home that could seat 10 doesn’t appeal to a larger family. Let a professional help identify what furniture would best fit your space.

# Refusing to Put Away the Knick Knacks

This will only apply to the homeowners who are selling a home while living in it. Not every situation allows for a home to be emptied, cleaned, updated and staged by a professional. For those who have made the decision to live in their home while it is on the market, this is for you. Declutter. Remove the knick-knacks. Depersonalize the home as much as possible. Prospective home buyers want to be able to visualize themselves in the home. Box up anything that feels too personal and set it aside for your new home.

These are just a few of the mistakes we see often in homes that have been sitting on the market and are not selling as quickly as they could. For more tips and tricks, or to schedule a consultation with one of our designers, contact us today.

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