Cozying Up A Modern Bellevue Stage

The smoke has finally lifted to reveal that fall snuck up on Seattle. With it comes cooler nights, leaves on the sidewalks and a longing to stay home, but there’s no reason you can’t bring the feeling of fall inside. If you are one of the many new construction home owners, your normal color scheme tends to be a whole lot of shades of grey. We don’t know about you, but the sky outside is enough grey for us, thank-you-very-much. If you have ever been disheartened or intimidated by modern interior style because it comes across as sterile or dark, this post is for you.

cozying up modern

Keep it Cohesive

There is a subtlety when it comes to cozying up a modern home. While it is important to keep everything cohesive, small liberties can be taken to achieve an intentional juxtaposition between the clean lines of a modern design style and the colors and textures we associate with the “warm and cozy” feeling. This week in Bellevue we had the opportunity to illustrate our methods for achieving a cozy modern style.

Adding Warmth with Color

If you’re trying to warm up your modern home for fall, the perfect place to start is with a warm color scheme. Think about colors that complement the black, white and grey that is already in your home in some capacity. Focus on introducing rust and ochre and balancing them out with some warm grey (yes, it does exist– they combine warm and cool tones to make a really dreamy grey, like the pillow in the photo above).

Play with Textures

Texture is going to be your best friend in warming up your home. It is dual-sensory and will capture both visual interest and literal softness. A little bit goes a long way with this trick if you focus it in the right pieces. To achieve the balance, we suggest aiming for subtle texture in low profile items such as art with exaggerated brush strokes, woven table runners, and even feathered botanicals. These may seem like unsubstantial modifications, but they will compliment all of the clean lines and architecture of your home without distracting from it. 

While a modern home is masterfully crafted with clean lines and crisp finishes, don’t shy away from introducing color and texture. Not only will it cozy up your home, but it will complement the architecture and bring balance to personal spaces. 


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