Minimalist Design Trends in Home Staging

For many people, minimalism is more than just a design trend; it’s a way of life. Having a smaller to-do list can help alleviate some of the stress of having a lot of stuff. If you are planning on selling your home, there is a lot to learn from minimalists when it comes to staging your property. In fact, focusing on minimalist design trends in home staging can make the difference between a quick sale and a protracted, stressful process. That’s why we’ve consulted home staging pros and learned how to use different minimalistic technics to ensure a quick sale of your Seattle home.

Minimalist home staging – design trends that will help you sell your home fast

We’ve all heard the phrase “less is more“, right? When you’re putting cheese on nachos, it may seem like a goofy statement, but it has a lot of reality when it comes to getting your Seattle home ready for sale. In fact, with a bit of help from minimalist home staging, you may be able to sell your property more quickly

The main reason minimalistic home staging is so effective is that it helps you depersonalize and simplify your home. In other words, it’s easier for potential buyers to start envisioning themselves living there. Now let’s see how and which minimalistic design trends you should focus on when staging your home. 


#1 Depersonalized and clutter-free space

The first step in becoming more minimalistic is to purge your home of unnecessary items. For various reasons, this is one of the essential components of staging a property. Always keep in mind that “cluttered” is more than simply a physical appearance; it’s a state of mind. A busy and confined setting might make a person feel anxious. That’s not how you want potential buyers to feel in your home.

Decluttering will ensure that the buyer’s attention is not diverted by your clutter but rather by the home’s beauty. Your house will only be able to speak for itself if you remove all the clutter and sentimental items you don’t need (at least for the time being). If you don’t have enough space to keep extra things in your home, the expert team from Rockstar Pro Movers suggests renting storage. 


#2 Simple and streamlined furniture

Staging rooms in your home by adding too much furniture and details is one of the outdated staging trends. Nowadays, the focus is on keeping things basic and streamlined when staging your home, which is precisely what the minimalist approach is all about. This is especially true when it comes to your furniture.

Decorate each area with no more than two or three essential pieces, such as an armchair or sofa for the living room. Remove sofa tables, accent chairs, and storage units from the room. Try to stay away from anything with frills, tassels, or a busy pattern. Focus on choosing furniture with clean, modern lines. 


#3 Natural and neutral tones

It’s a well-known fact that most buyers want a neutral look at a property. That’s why your unique style should be faded. For example, painting the walls in neutral tones and eliminating vividly colored materials and huge patterns from the interior. There is no need to eliminate any color from your home, but neutral-colored fabrics like gray, beige, and white are a wonderful place to start.

However, be careful as the last thing you want is to make your home look too empty or vague. The key is getting the just right amount of details. Adding art, interesting decor pieces, or incorporating a natural element into your design is an excellent way to go. For example, you can use some of your plants for this purpose. After you sell your home, you can take them with you and transfer them with no issues. After all, it’s relatively easy nowadays to find experienced professionals to help you safely move your plants to your new home. 


#4 Natural light is your best ally

One of the simplest yet most effective minimalist design trends in home staging is using natural light as a source of warmth and beauty in creating a welcoming setting. Therefore, make sure not to block your windows with furniture but focus on letting the sunshine into your Seattle home. If you decide to hire professional home staging services, we’re positive they’ll advise the same. 

Incorporating more natural light into the home will create an attractive, fresh atmosphere and keep it from seeming stuffy and confined. This way, you’ll give a clear view of the home’s structure and possibilities to prospective buyers. Think about it – it can be difficult for a buyer to see past the costly window treatments, such as drapes or blinds.


#5 Minimalistic approach is all about being intentional

As a minimalist, you don’t have to get rid of everything. You just have to be deliberate in your decision-making. If you’re presenting a home, don’t take anything for granted, and don’t overlook anything. For instance, consider removing half of the volumes on your bookcase to highlight the magnificent built-ins. Make a list of the books that need to be on display and leave plenty of room for the others. It’s all about being strategic with showing off your home.  

Final thoughts on minimalist design trends in home staging

The best thing about minimalistic design trends in home staging is that they appeal to everyone! They are ideal if you market your Seattle home to a wide range of buyers of different ages and demographic categories. The minimalist design trends allow you to create the impression of more space, making it an excellent choice if you are trying to sell a small home. It also helps to have a clean appearance that will definitely come across attractively in photographs. You really can’t go wrong with it because the use of minimalist design elements never becomes outdated. So wait no more; reach out to an experienced and trustworthy home staging team from Seattle and start preparing your home for a quick and successful sale! 

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