• Greenery: 2017 Pantone Color of the Year

    The Pantone Color Institute selected Greenery, a lush and vibrant yellow-green, to be the color of the year for 2017.

    Seattle Home Staging Greenery Pantone Color

    Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, wrote:

    “Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political climate. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.”

    Seattle Home Staging Greenery Pantone Color

    2016 quickly received a notorious reputation for being a disastrous year, frequently represented in our pop culture as shown above. Eiseman mentioned that the shade Greenery was selected to reassure everyone after a turbulent year and provide some hope. We, at Seattle Staged to Sell, are excited about this energetic color to represent the new year.

    Greenery is a happy and heartening shade that makes a statement when paired with other colors. It will dominate the catwalks this coming year, and will also influence interior design in 2017. In 2016, we loved designing with similar green shades, and we will definitely continue to incorporate the hue into our 2017 stages. It simply energizes any room.

    Here are some of our favorite staging looks we designed in 2016 using the 2017 palette:

    Seattle Home Staging Greenery Pantone Color

    Seattle Home Staging Greenery Pantone Color

    Seattle Home Staging Greenery Pantone Color


    Seattle Home Staging Greenery Pantone Color

    Seattle Home Staging Greenery Pantone Color

    Greenery represents fresh growth and new beginnings. As you recharge in 2017, energize your wardrobe and home with this vibrant color.

    To read more about the “it” color of 2017, go to Pantone’s website: Introducing Greenery.

  • Soft Neutrals and Touches of Metallics Add Sophistication to This Hip Condo

    The Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle is a happening place and a sought after location for living.

    Lumen Condo is one of the popular condominiums in the area. Since it is located close to Amazon and the B&G Foundation, we knew that our targeted buyers would be young professionals. To attract this group of buyers, we designed a hip urban modern design. We kept the walls white for a clean, fresh feel and used a blend of soft neutrals to create an air of sophistication.

    Lumen Condominium staged condo The view from Lumen Condo shows off its close proximity to Seattle’s downtown and Amazon’s headquarters.



    With an open floor plan, it is essential to divide the rooms into different zones. Here, we created a living and a dining space. Having an area rug anchored the room and defined the living space while it kept the room open. The hanging carpet echoed the shag rug and added color, and the use of soft neutrals warmed up the room.

    Lumen Staged Condo

    In the bedroom, we used a patterned area rug and pillows to create a cohesive and fun look. The patterns in gold tones added urban elegance.


    The seating area had a mixture of textures and fabrics to add interest and visual weight to this hip design.


    We created the dining zone near the large windows to face the city view and added pops of color both on the table and the wall. The wall art brought the metallic details from other parts of the condo into the dining space creating a cohesive look.

    In this open floor plan condo, we defined different zones but kept the space connected through metallic accents. To make the metallics stand out, we mixed together soft neutrals. We also layered a variety of natural textures to add further interest to this design. This strategy kept the staging both sophisticated and hip for our youthful targeted buyers.


  • Mixing Natural Textures in Eclectic Design

    Traditional Home Exterior

    This traditional home in the Denny Blaine community in Seattle is framed by gorgeous trees all around. Mesmerized by the trees, we decided to take the surrounding nature and incorporate it into our design by using different natural textures to compliment the hardwood wood flooring and trimming.

    Eclectic Dining Room

    This dining room had unique parquet hardwood floors. We added an area rug in a soft blue color to compliment the warm tones of the wood. The different patterns layered together worked with each other to grab the buyers’ attention. However, the simplicity of the contrasting patterns kept it classic and tasteful. The Eames dining chairs kept the home updated with an eclectic look, and their wooden legs echoed the floor. We used a darker wooden dining table as a focus to bring together the dark wood trimming on the door and windows and the lighter colored floor. The accessories in the room recalled the hardwood flooring and the trees outside through their woven and branch-like textures.


    The home office had wood paneling on the walls as well as hardwood floors. The walls and the floor consisted of different types of wood, which, already created a layered sensation to the room. We took this attribute further, and placed an animal hide rug of a darker and warmer hue to anchor the room. By using an animal hide, we added another natural texture. Furthermore, we hung wall art on the wood-paneled walls of tree stump rings to reincorporate wooden textures, but with a consistency different enough to add interest. The layering of the different tan and cognac tones and textures blended beautifully together. This decor made the green leaves of the trees stand out and become part of the interior design.

    Mixing different natural textures is a terrific way to highlight your home’s original wood, to compliment your landscaping outside, and bring its beauty into your home decor.


  • Beautiful Waterfront Views Inspired Our Staging Design

    Waterfront Home Exterior Lake Sammamish Bellevue

    This luxury Bellevue property, priced at $2.6 million, is located on the shores of Lake Sammamish. With this water front home, we wanted to incorporate its stunning views into our staging inspiration. We decided to bring a casual beach vibe into the design while keeping it classic. To accomplish this, we selected natural textures, used the views and landscaping to decide our color palette, and integrated nautical themes into our pieces.

    Living Room Waterfront Bellevue Property Lake View Water View Lake Sammamish Bellevue

    This living room brought the orange, green, and blue tones found outside into the home. This created a sense of cohesiveness that utilized the house’s natural setting as part of the design. By placing colorful pillows on neutral sofas, we tied in these colors in a balanced way. The dining room wall art and accessories echoed these colors, adding to the flow of the space. We used rustic woods for the coffee table and accessories, which alluded to beach driftwood.

    Traditional Home Office Bellevue Washington Luxury Home
    This home office had a traditional feel due to the dark wood window trim and built-in shelves. We catered to this style in our design through the desk, chair and accessories, however we also managed to bring natural textures into this room by placing the sisal area rug.

    Home Office Water View Lake Sammamish Bellevue Luxury Home

    With the desk facing Lake Sammamish, we managed to make this traditional piece to correspond to the scenery outside. We brought the colors from the deck into play through the desk chair and carved wood duck. The open book reflected the hues of the water and trees outside.

    Home Office Homework Space Lounge Area Coastal Style Bellevue Waterfront Home

    For this homework space, we brought in the nautical theme through accessories and color palette. The pillows and the wall art referenced the beach, and the bamboo tied into the texture of the shell illustration and, once again, referred to driftwood. The blue chair and desk accessories balanced out the room.

    Dining Room Waterfront Property Lake Sammamish Bellevue Water View

    With the dining table and floral arrangement, we, once again, drew the gorgeous view into the home.

    Master bedroom waterfront property Lake Sammamish Bellevue

    For the master bedroom, we mixed textures for added interest meanwhile we used pieces that tied into the rest of the house. The leather chair reincorporated the nailhead detail from the home office and the carving of the bed frame was similar to that of the desk. The area rug married the grays of the bedding with the mixture of blues and greens of Lake Sammamish to create the ultimate relaxing setting.

    Even though this kid’s room did not have a water view, it still embodied the coastal vibe throughout the house. We accomplished this through the sailboat, whale, and fish motifs throughout the room.


    By using this luxury house’s natural surroundings as our style inspiration, we created a cool and casual lifestyle that the homebuyers could easily envision themselves living in. SOLD!




  • What Kind Of Home Seller Are You?

    best results for selling homes

    After years of being in the home staging business (since 2005) and meeting with countless of homeowners, we can easily identify what types of home-sellers/clients we work with.  Usually, the buyers fall into three groups, however some are intermixed between groups while others who travel from one group to another.

    As home stagers, we work hard to educate our clients and help them see and understand that we are their partners. We want them to get the most ROI of the sell of their homes. The key to communicating this point effectively is to know what kind of home-sellers we are dealing with. We understand that not everyone sells a house for happy reasons, and we strive to meet our clients where they are and to help them become more informed and savvy home-sellers.Read more

  • A Heartfelt Letter from Our Mercer Island Home Seller

    house staging in seattleor some home sellers, it can be difficult to sell their home and close a chapter of their lives. I think most of us can identify with this since we all have gone through similar emotions for one reason or another. This was true for this Mercer Island home seller, our dear client Andrea. 

    For myself, as an example, it was hard to replace the baby cots with “all grown up” beds as my daughters were getting older and growing. And I know that when I have to downsize my house as the kids leave home for college, it is going to be hard for me to let go and sell our home. It was also hard for me to close my mother’s house door for the last time and pass the keys to the new home owners. Selling homes is an emotional process for all of us. 

    Every corner of my house has a special memory for me. Each of these memories is with me EVERY DAY, when I am walking up and down the stairs or going into the different rooms. When I enter the room of my oldest daughter who just left home for college this fall, I can’t help but to remember her first bed spread that we helped her to choose for her all grown-up bed or the blue ceiling that she loved so much when she was young! With my second daughter, even though she doesn’t play kitchen or house anymore, I still like to keep some of these items in-tact and tucked away in our “Secret Room”.  I do this for my own sanity’s sake. Every now and then I pop my head inside to remember again. I AM attached to my home so I do understand where others are coming from.

    Seattle home staging company

    I suppose it is this understanding and being able to put myself in the same shoes as other home sellers that helps me to earn the trust of those who are attached to their homes and find it hard to let go. Andrea was one of these home sellers.  Through patience and real listening, I was able to gain her trust and I wrote a blog about the experience.

    Andrea wrote:

    Dear Shirin,
    I want to thank you again for doing such a fantastic job of decorating the house today!  I so appreciate all the thoughtful decisions you made; the result is a home that really looks warm and inviting and I’m certain will be admired by everyone who sees it.  Your advice to let go was very sound.  Yet I also feel that you heard me and incorporated some of my preferences – I appreciate that.  To decorate an entire house in a single day seems nothing short of miraculous!  I’m amazed you were able to do this, especially given all the attention to the function and proportions of each space.  You really have a great sense of proportion and arrangement, and I’ve learned a lot in this brief time we’ve worked together. 
    My heartfelt thanks, Shirin – it has been a pleasure working with you.  I’m looking forward to everyone enjoying the result of your efforts.
    All the best,

    She sent me this email after she saw her house staged. As a home stager, I live for emails like this since connections are the most important aspect of my work. I know it was hard for Andrea to trust me and to let go. Her trusting us and her real estate agent produced the result that she was seeking. Her house was sold basically in ONE hour!

    It truly was a pleasure and an honor to work with such a thoughtful and gracious home seller such as Andrea. 

  • Cedar Park Neighborhood Contemporary Home Sitting On The Hill

    Cedar Park is one of those lush and quaint neighborhoods in Seattle, WA that everyone loves. This particular house in Cedar Park sits on the top of the hill overlooking Lake Washington and the Cascade mountains. 

    As you can see, this house is nestled among trees on the hill top. This means views of Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains without ANY obstruction AND lots of privacy. Do you see these big windows? This translates into natural LIGHT and lots of it.  The large deck off the kitchen is a wonderful outdoor space for dining and entertaining. 

    Cedar Park house staged with the views of the lake
    This is what I mean about living in a lush neighborhood on top of the hill.

    Now look at the windows from the inside. The vaulted ceiling and the super large windows capture the amazing views from this home. In addition this allows the inside of the house to have a relationship with the outside and this creates a larger setting. 

    When we saw this house for the first time, we knew that our staging needs to be minimal, since the views were the main focal point of the house and we didn’t want anything to distract from that. 

    Cedar Park house for sale staged by seattle staged to sell
    Vaulted ceilings and giant windows bring in lots of natural light into this home.

    Another wonderful feature of this Cedar Park house were the two fireplaces. It is lucky for most home owners to just have one fireplace, but two fireplaces is just a very special treat. I could easily imagine myself sitting by the fire, enjoying the beautiful view, and sipping on my tea. Since Seattle has a milder temperature, this means that new home owners could do just this about 9 months out of the year. 

    Cedar Park House staged by Seattle Staged To Sell
    This house offers two fireplaces, one on each floor.

    Can you see the amazing views from this kitchen? The panoramic views makes washing dishes in this kitchen a pleasure and not a chore. This on its own is priceless. Unique features like this is what makes Cedar Park neighborhood homes so popular. 

    Staged Cedar Park House
    Views of the kitchen

    Who wouldn’t like to wake up every morning with the eastern light? This turns every day into a great day. It is easy to stay in the bed on Sundays with the newspaper and a cup of coffee when you have views of the mountains from your bedroom. 

    staged home in Cedar Park neighborhood of seattle
    Good Morning!

    As Seattle home stagers, we get to stage many wonderful homes in different neighborhoods. This Cedar Park home is a perfect example of this and we know that the next home owners will enjoy living in this home and entertaining their friends and families for the years and seasons to come. 

    This house is listed by Redfin and the MLS number is: 411677.

  • Realtors Who Stage Their Own Listings Might Not Be Using Their Skills & Time Wisely

    As a Seattle home stager, I like to stay informed about Seattle real estate and this means attending some open houses. I find it interesting to see how many homes for sale are staged and how these homes have been prepared for the market. I’m happy to say that I am finding more and more homes being staged. Even though most of these are staged appropriately, sometimes I see homes where the staging is quite not right. One such home, a Green Lake Tudor style home, is still fresh in my mind.

    This Green Lake house was only one block from the actual lake and this is a huge plus for a Seattle home. The house, though it was charming from the outside, told a different story from the inside. These are the problems that I saw right away with the staging:

    • The furniture pieces were in wrong scale. The dark brown full sofa, two matching large arm chairs and wide coffee table overwhelmed the living room.
    • The small dining table on other side of the room was dwarfed by the over-sized living room.
      Staging tips by seattle professional home stager
      A correct furniture scale is one of the most important aspects of home staging.
    • The living room was dark and adequate lighting was missing; the dark brown leather furniture compounded the problem.
    • A too-small piece of wall art was hung from the largest wall of the room. 
    • The bedrooms were missing bedside tables and lamps.
    • The master bedroom’s blow up bed was totally deflated and it made the whole room sad.
    I tired to look for a business card to see who had staged this house, but then realized that this house was staged by the real estate agent and this is when the warning signs went up for me. Don’t take me wrong, I know of some savvy real estate agents who also have professional home staging business and they do wonderful work. The key word here is PROFESSIONAL. Being a real estate agent and having a home staging business with full time professional home stagers is a wonderful venture. The problem is when a full time real estate agent tries to stage their own listings with few pieces of furniture that they have collected and keep in their basements or garages.
    Two weeks after coming across this house, I received a call from Michael Ackerman, one of my real estate clients from CBBain. He wanted me to stage his upcoming Green Lake listing.  Michael’s listing just happened to be right across the street from this house and it was a Tudor style home as well.
    Michael’s home sellers were worried about the sale of their home since the house across the street was not selling. I promised them that their house would be beautifully staged for the targeted buyers. Our staged home was sold in one week for the full asking price. Four weeks later, when we de-staged the house, the For Sale sign was still on the yard of the house across the street with an additional red sign on the side indicating REDUCED PRICE
    As we drove away, I wondered how much this butchered staging ended up costing the home owner.  The home sellers who hired us to stage their home invested $2,750 in the staging of their home, which was far less than $20,000 price reduction plus the up-keep costs such as mortgage, taxes, …..
    Staging tips by seattle staged to sell company
    YOU as a home seller have a clear choice. Make it right from the beginning  
    and team up with a full time real estate agent and a professional home stager.
    My advise to the home sellers:  when it comes to selling your home, one of your greatest investments, look at the bigger picture. Spending an average of $2,500 for staging should not be considered a cost, but rather an investment. Hire a real estate agent who is a savvy marketer and who puts all his/her attention and focus on the selling of your home. 
    A price reduction is painful. Avoid it by teaming up with full time real estate agents and professional home stagers.  A successful sale demands it.


  • Want to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar? Then Don’t Sabotage Your Own Success!

    Recently, one of my real estate clients asked me to meet her at the townhouse of one of her clients for a pre-listing consultation.  The home owners had tried twice to sale their home previously without any success. They wanted to try again to sell their home since they had a new baby and they wanted a larger house with a garden.

    Home staging consultation can turn the past failures into successThis urgent need to move and their past failed attempts to sell their house made me feel that these home buyers were very motivated and ready to take our advice. However, this was not the case.

    After meeting with the homeowner (the wife), and touring the house, I helped them identify the problems and then came up with the solutions.

    The challenges that these homebuyers had to overcome included:

    • The house was on a busy street
    • Most townhouses, the competition, have three bedrooms; this townhouse had only two bedrooms
    • No outdoor space
    • Very, very, very small dining space
    • Laundry room was in the garage 
    • Too many and over-sized furniture pieces 
    • Overstuffed closets                                          

    The features of the house:                                              

    • Light and bright
    • Large kitchen
    • Nicely sized garage
    • Two bedrooms, each with their own bathrooms
    • Beautiful bay window
    We could not do anything about the busy road or the number of the bedrooms, but we could do a lot inside to minimize the downsides and enhance the features in order for the homebuyers to be able to envision themselves in this house. The instructions were simple:
    • Remove the china cabinet that blocked the bay window.
    • Replace the cabinet in the living room that the TV was placed on with a smaller table that was sitting in their bedroom.
    • Move the couch to the larger wall and borrow or buy a coffee table. A living room without a coffee table and large sofa screams “RUN AWAY” to the homebuyers. 
    • Replace the dining table and four chairs with a smaller table and two chairs or a bistro table.
    • Start packing winter clothes to create room and space in the closets.

    Most of the time, homeowners feel energized and empowered after consultation visits. But this was not true for these homeowners. The real estate agent, my client, told me that the husband doesn’t want to tackle most of the suggested identified projects such as removing the large furniture pieces. 

    Sadly, homeowners like these who want desperately to sell their homes, but for some reason, refuse to follow professional advice to prepare their homes, are the ones who are still too attached to their homes. Unfortunately, these attachments can result in homeowners sabotaging themselves.home sellers sometimes sabotage themselves. Two unsuccessful failed sale attempts should have indicated to these homeowners that they need to change their game plan in order to meet their sales goals. 

    As a professional home stager, I am aware that some homeowners need a bit more encouraging and hand-holding to be convinced. I am not ready to give up on these homeowners and am planning to go back and visit with them and the agent to try to help them become detached from their home that they have lived in for almost 1o years.  Hopefully, I will be able to help them to stop sabotaging themselves and move on to their new home with the garden so their son can crawl on the grass of their own NEW home.


    Summary: When the time comes to sell your home, STOP sabotaging your sales goals and instead, START creating your success by seeking a professional home stager’s advice and following the advice that is given. This is how you can find and hire a professional home stager and this is what you can expect to get from a professional home stager. 


  • Selling Your Home? Then It’s NOT About YOU Mr. & Mrs. Home Sellers!

    Selling your home? Then it’s NOT about YOU Mr. & Mrs. Home Sellers. 

    It is a no-brainer that when every home seller puts his or her home on the market, they hope to sell their home for the most money in the least amount of time. We all want that.

    It's about home sellers

    You would think that every home seller would do their utmost to turn this goal into reality. However, some home sellers, without really knowing it, sabotage their own sales goals by not detaching from their homes when they put them on the market for sale. I have written many blogs about this issue in an effort to educate the home sellers since I come across this problem over and over again.

    When the FOR SALE sign goes up on your yard, it is not about YOU anymore. If you want to sell your home for the most amount of the money in the least amount of the time, your home has to be turned into a product that appeals to the HOME BUYERS! I know I sound like a broken record, but as a professional home stager, I know I can’t say it enough. It’s NOT about YOU.

    To ensure a successful outcome of selling your home, begin the process by identifying your Tips on selling your hometargeted BUYERS with the help of your real estate agent and professional home stager. Based on the demographic of buyers you have identified, let your home stager design the staging for the home utilizing this information. Creating a lifestyle for the targeted buyer is crucial. 

    By teaming up with professional home stagers and savvy real estate agents, you will get the best help and advice on selling your home. Trust their guidance and make the selling of your home about the home buyers. This is why your are investing and paying for these professional services. 

    Once you take “YOU” out of the equation, you are one giant step closer to meeting YOUR sale goals!