The Best Tech Tools for Maintaining Rental Properties

Rental properties are a great way to transform your investments into revenue. According to our tips for transforming homes, doing so is also relatively easy. One only has to set up the logistics, abiding with local regulations and a personal budget, before marketing the listing.

Maintaining the rental property however, can be a bit more tasking. After all, many property owners have to manage several units at once, and some live away from their properties and can’t always be around to check. This is where technology can help. The right devices can be used to track maintenance issues, boost security, and attract renters as well. Here’s a few examples to get you started.

Smart locks

Property showings take up a significant amount of time, and property owners end up relying on the help of real estate agents. However, many may want to cut down on costs, and providing a key to the property can be a security risk. Smart lock technology allows owners to exert more control over property access from anywhere. This means that owners can remotely unlock a unit, provide one-time entrance passcodes to viewers, limit access to specific time periods, and track who enters and leaves.

Robot vacuums

Maintaining a property means ensuring that it remains spick-and-span for visitors at any time. It can get tempting to clean it only upon preparation for a move-in. However, dust build-up can attract mold growth, especially in the ductwork, and wear down the interiors of a home. It also lessens a home’s aesthetic appeal.

Vacuuming must be done at a minimum of twice a week, but going through the panels after every property showing is the most sanitary option. This can be time-consuming but Robot Pet Friends’ list of robot vacuum cleaners details how these smart products are capable of connecting to the Wi-Fi and even mapping a room.

This means that they can run without human supervision and even be programmed for specific periods. Some also feature a self-emptying bin, perfect for property owners who manage many units or live at a distance.

Water leak sensors

To further avoid mold growth, one has to limit the humidity of the property. Otherwise, property owners further risk mildew, infestations from dust mites, and structural damage.

The NY Times’ review of smart water leak sensors explains how these devices alert property owners of plumbing problems the moment they’re detected. They measure temperature and humidity, and are even capable of connecting with other smart devices like Google Assistant, smart bulbs, or even shut-off systems. Paired with a smart lock, property owners can contact the proper services and allow them access into the unit for repairs if necessary.

Smart irrigation systems

This technology runs less risk of unwanted leaks, while monitoring weather patterns, soil moisture content, and temperatures to adjust water usage at a programmed time. This makes smart irrigation systems a popular choice amongst property owners, especially those with properties with beautiful landscapes.

This minimizes the maintenance required, including financial costs of water usage and physical labor, while maximizing curb appeal. Initial investments in these tech tools may be expensive, but the returns are especially beneficial for rental purposes. There are several options available, so property owners have to do their research to find what best delivers convenience and efficiency.

Article written by Regina Janes

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