When to Go For Partial Staging of Your Seattle Home

Selling a home is never easy. It is not easy emotionally, and it is definitely not easy on your time, energy, and budget. But, hey, sometimes, it just has to be done. And, if you ask us, this year may be the best year to do it too – the seller’s market has never been as hot as it is now! Namely, there are so many interested buyers and so little inventory. This means one thing – you will be able to sell your Seattle home fast and for the highest price possible (the median listing price is currently around 1M). However, the fact that the market is booming is something you probably know. What you might not know is when to go for partial staging of your Seattle home, right? Of course. Don’t worry – we got you covered. We will review some instances when partially staging your home makes more sense. 

You Have Styled Your Home Recently 

Staging your home properly means turning everything inside into a clean, decluttered, and organized space. You don’t do this to show how neat you are but to attract buyers and to increase the value of your home. Believe it or not – staged homes sell for approximately 10% more than unstaged ones. And, they attract 50% more buyers. That is why it is important to have your home staged when those potential buyers come knocking at your door. 

But, if you recently staged your home, that is, if you styled it for selling, there is no need to do it all over again. You should just swiftly clean the most visible surfaces and declutter any mess you made since the last time you staged your home. 

Your Home is Relatively New and Neutral 

One thing buyers appreciate more than a clean and decluttered home is a new and neutral home. No buyer wants to walk into a home with squeaky floorboards, leaky faucets, and missing roof tiles. So, if you have already fixed all of these issues and your home is in pristine condition, there is no need for further remodeling. Now you can focus your efforts on the partial staging of your Seattle home. 

Moreover, it is also essential to know that no buyer wants to walk into a home that looks too much like you. Suppose your home has eccentric wall paint, miss-matched furniture pieces, family photos, and travel souvenirs scattered around. In that case, it will be difficult for future buyers to envision themselves living in your home. So, to be on the safe side, make the whole house look as neutral as possible, and if you have too many personal items that don’t go with the new look, place them in a storage unit. You can keep your items safe and secure in a unit of this kind for as long as you need. But, if your home already looks neutral and doesn’t have too many personal touches, there is no need to stage more than you have to.

You Don’t Have the Time and Energy Needed for Complete Staging 

Staging a home is something that requires a lot of one’s time and energy – that goes without saying. In order to have your home perfectly staged, you’ll need to do a lot of remodeling and upgrading first. Then, it would be best if you cleaned up everything, decluttered every corner of your home, and ensured everything looked presentable. Of course, suppose you want to go out and make sure you leave an excellent first impression. In that case, you will probably focus on minor staging things such as bringing the flowers inside, opening the windows, turning on just the right lights, making lemonade, playing music, etc. 

Fully staging and decorating your home can be fun, and it will probably boost your chances of selling your Seattle home fast and for the best price possible, but it will also be tough on your time and energy. If you plan on staging your home all by yourself, you will need a couple of weeks (maybe even a month) and all of your focus and energy. So, it is pretty simple – if you don’t have the time and energy for this, then that is when you should go for partial staging of your Seattle home. But, don’t worry, according to Seattle real estate predictions for 2022, you will be able to sell your home even if you partially stage it. 

Your budget Doesn’t Allow too Many Splurges 

Another very important time when you should go for partial staging of your Seattle home is when you don’t have enough money in your budget to renovate and fully stage your home before selling. Home staging can be pretty expensive. Of course, it isn’t easy to put a price on home staging, as all homes are different and all homes have specific areas that require more attention. But, to fully stage a vacant average Seattle home, you would need to budget around $3,000-6,000. For smaller homes and condos, this could be a stretch in the budget. If so, economical friendly options, such as our sister company, Snap & Stage, could be a great option. However, if you have a larger or more luxury home where your staging might be over the $6,000 mark but you don’t want to spend that on home staging, you might opt for partial staging of your Seattle home. This could especially be a good alternative to vacant staging if you already have neutral, high quality furnishings in your home but you need some extra accessories to dress it up or to rearrange your spaces. If you decide to go for partial staging, make sure you arrange a pre-listing consultation

Final Thoughts 

As you have seen, there are many instances when you should simply go for partial staging of your Seattle home. But, at the end of the day – it all depends on your budget, time, and your home’s condition. If you are not sure what to do and how to stage your home before selling, you can always ask your real estate agent. Professional realtors in your area will know your market well and will be able to tell you what to do to increase the value of your property and sell it in no time. 

Guest Article – Written by Sophia Perry

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