Three Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Send your dated kitchen down the disposal and give it a new, low cost, facelift.  Kitchen remodels can be expensive, time consuming, and stressful.  With do it yourself kitchen remodel techniques, home owners can avoid the costs and hassle. Here are three budget friendly DIY kitchen remodel ideas. 

Update your Lighting

Brighten your kitchen with updated lighting! Fresh, brilliant, stylish lights will increase visibility for working and impart an expanded space effect.  Pendant lights over islands and peninsulas or gooseneck sconces over a sink offer functionality and charm.  Blend light brilliance into your paint schemes as colors change appearance with brighter light.

Paint or Replace Cabinet Hardware

Updating your kitchen cabinets with color and new hardware can give your kitchen a whole new look.  Cabinets are thirty percent of kitchen remodels.  By replacing only the cabinet doors and hardware you can save both time and money.  Homeowners can buy new doors from the manufacturer of your current cabinets.  Alternatively, you can change the cabinet color by painting or staining. This is another inexpensive renovation option that is sure to have a dramatic effect.

Adding new cabinet hardware, such as knobs or hinges, will create extra eye appeal.  Installing trim and molding around cabinets creates simple elegance inside your kitchen.  Removing cabinet doors is another option! Cabinets should be decluttered and dishware stacked neatly for this option to work.  Floating shelves above cabinets provide extra display space for items which pull the kitchen design together.  

Install a Backsplash

Without a doubt, adding backsplash will spice up the personality of your kitchen.  White subway tile paired with stained wooden cabinets, patterned ceramic tiles for small wall spaces, or shiplap panels for a farmhouse feel are just a few of the endless possibilities!  Some kitchens already have a backsplash, which can be tiresome to remove.  Homeowners rejoice, you can save time by using tile stencils or painting the entirety of the tiles for an easier overhaul!

Have fun and be creative while updating your kitchen.  Craft a cooking space that’s warm and functional by using these money saving recommendations.  Expand your do it yourself toolkit, roll your sleeves up, and keep money in the bank while renovating your kitchen!



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