Components of an Outdoor Living Space

Take open floor plans to the next level by creating an outdoor living space! Harmonize your outdoor space with nature.  It is essential to create a relaxing environment for friends and family to spend time together.  Define your outdoors space with retaining walls, a deck, patio, a fence, or even shrubbery.  Make your outdoor living area known and surround it with a maintained landscape.

A Dining Area

Homeowners who host often should make the outdoor dining area a focal point.  The dining table should be large enough to seat the average number of guests.  Using a table built of repurposed wood, to express your respect of nature, is a clever option.  Surround the table with comfortable bench and chair seating.  A table runner, complementing the color scheme of your bench cushions, will refine the space.  Placement of outdoor rugs, under the table, or seating areas, adds comfort and personality.  Consider placing a buffet near the dining table to store your outdoor eating utensils and flatware.  This buffet will limit the need to go indoors and keep you outside longer.  Ensure all outdoor items can survive nature’s elements!  Here is a link to 50 outdoor dining tables sure to wow your guests! 

An Outdoor Kitchen

For those going all out, construct an outdoor kitchen.  Build a sink, stove top, refrigerator, and wine cooler.  Create counter space to prepare your food outside.  This keeps you with your friends and family longer.

Heat and Ambiance

A fireplace or pit near the dining area creates a cheerful ambience, and also enables perennial enjoyment of the space. Friends and family can enjoy a beverage and reflect on life while circled around the outdoor fireplace any day of the year.  Keep blankets nearby for the colder nights, so you can snuggle up near the fireplace and unwind.  

Conversational Furniture

The outdoor space furniture can mirror the indoor living room.  Flank an outdoor themed coffee table with a fully-cushioned couch and chairs with waterproof fabric.  Homeowners can choose to blend furniture with nature using soft colors or make the space pop with bright colors.

A Canopy or Cover

Avoid the elements by installing a retractable canopy over dining and seating areas. A retractable covering will keep your space dry, cool, and safe.  Ensure your covering is not over a fireplace or pit to avoid unnecessary property damage.  Match your retractable canopy or covering with a pergola.  


Mapping lighting for your outdoor space is very important.  There are many options for lighting such as battery powered, solar powered, or hardwired into your electrical grid.  Moderate your intended mood with brightness controlled lighting.  Place lighting around your dining and seating areas to enjoy any hour of the day.

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