Family Friendly Design Without Compromising Style

For lovers of design, welcoming a baby into the home can be both exciting and a bit unsettling. Decorating a nursery is obviously a highlight of the changes that you will be making to your home. But when it comes to decorating the rest of the house and making it a safe space for that little bundle of joy? Well…. babyproofing isn’t exactly chic. Luckily, these days there are many tools available in all shapes and sizes. Bulky baby furniture and metal baby gates are a thing of the past. Thanks to a number of designers and brands we have been blessed with baby friendly furniture and child safety items that aren’t as harsh on the eyes as they used to be. Here are a few tips and tricks to design your home without compromising style.

Lay the right Foundation

Design with longevity in mind. Select resilient materials and save yourself the heartache of having sticky fingers ruin that gorgeous expensive sofa. Furniture with removable covers or fabrics that are indoor/outdoor are much easier to clean. Avoid items with sharp corners and opt for poufs and stools instead of that marble coffee table.. you’ll be glad you did in the end.

Jennifer Hunter, interior designer and mother to a one-year-old, says that you don’t have to sacrifice style in the name of a wee one. “Think long term about how they will grow with the space. You don’t want something to feel childish. Instead, opt for fabrics and wallcoverings that are classic and timeless.”

The three feet and up rule…

Floor to ceiling shelving doesn’t have to become an empty dust collector.. try books and wooden bowls instead of glass or ceramic. You don’t have to completely remove all objects, but limiting the opportunity to smash something is definitely recommended. Eventually, your children will learn what is a toy and what really isn’t. Designer and mom of two Tali Roth agrees. “I really believe that kids get used to their environment, so I have lots of precious objects around my home—and my son knows where to play and where not to,” she says.

Play with Patterns

Nothing is worse than prune puree spilling onto a pristine white rug. Again, avoid heartache and play with some patterns. Rugs and upholstery with patterns hide spills and stains we. Try vintage or persian rugs, not only in common spaces but also in your kids rooms.

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