The Most Popular Interior Design Color Palettes in 2021

The previous year has been, to say the least, troublesome. We had to adapt to the fact that most of our time we’ll be spending at home. Since our personal spaces became our prime spots, we had to try our best to turn them into places where we feel pleasant. But quarantine wasn’t all that bad. Most of us finally had enough free time to work on improving our homes. We renovated, repurposed, redecorated, and continue to do so till now. For all of those currently dealing with home improvements, staying up-to-date with the newest trends can help bring your decorating game to the next level. That includes learning about interior design color palettes that are all the craze in 2021.

The flagship colors of 2021

In the world of interior design, color palettes are constantly changing. Companies like Pantone and Behr are announcing new trends each year, and this one is no different. We’ve taken the time to round up their top picks and teach you how to combine and use them successfully.

All shades of green

Green is the predominant color of nature that has the power to energize your living space. It has the ability to make it alive by bringing the outdoors indoors. 2021 is all about green – in all its shades. However, Hunter Green (#355E3B) has managed to take the spotlight, after all. But it’s not without merit! It’s incredibly pleasing to the eye, it invokes serenity, and is quite simple to combine.

Teal – neither green nor blue

Teal (#478589) is a pretty special and unique color. Some say it’s green, while others say it’s blue, but the truth is, the way we perceive it depends solely on the reflection of light. It’s a color that oozes sophistication, class and adds a touch of glamour to any space. It has a calming effect and, as such, is a perfect shade for living rooms and bedrooms. It goes well with various other colors, such as white, purple, and yellow, making it a great addition to all interior design color palettes.


Living Coral

As far as colors of 2021 go, Living Coral (#FA7268) is definitely among the most popular ones! It’s a vibrant shade with an orange and pink hue to it. It promotes joy and playfulness, which, you would say, are just the things we need during these trying times! It’s a perfect choice for modern homes and can be an ideal solution for pretty much any room.

Living Coral might also be a great color option when staging your home to sell prior to the move. As far as moving goes, you’ll need a team of professionals to help guide you through the process. But beware, you can’t just go with the first movers you come upon. Instead, do your research to distinguish reviews that are real from those that are fake. Only then can you achieve peace of mind.

Grey and its taupe and beige variants

Grey is a timeless color that can successfully find its place anywhere. Taupe (#ABA092), which is a grey with a brownish tint, and beige are its widely popular variants that, when used together, can bring a touch of nature into one’s home. Additionally, they are neutral, which means you are free to experiment with other aspects of your design in, basically, any way that you like. Emerald tones, for example, go well with it if the natural look is what you are trying to achieve. When combined, they resemble earth and greenery.

The good thing is that you don’t have to wait to move in to start thinking about ways to enrich your interior with these hues. Devising a plan before you’ve gone through the process is even better than dealing with it later. Of course, you shouldn’t strive to work out every detail but rather get the basic idea out there. With the help of drafted schematics and Best Long Distance Movers, who will find the ideal moving company for you, the whole transition will surely be a breeze.

Terra Cotta

It should be clear by now that interior design color palettes of 2021 and the overall design trends are crazy about natural shades. The latter is further proved by the fact that Terra Cotta (#CE7F75) is one of the year’s flagship colors. A couple of seasons ago, this brownish-red shade was all the rage, and it is making a comeback now. Homeowners and home stagers went above and beyond to ensure their designs included touches of Terra Cotta. And it’s not for nothing. It’s an excellent choice for both your walls and your decor and looks even better in combination with wood and plants. However, some people find it too intense, in which case it can be softened with the addition of beige, grey, or white.

Mustard Yellow

Mustard Yellow (#D8AE48) is one of those colors of the previous year that has remained relevant in the current one too! It’s neither dull nor too saturated and is a perfect choice for anyone looking to spruce up their home’s appearance. Whether you incorporate it into your living area through furniture or use it to paint your walls, one thing is certain. It will illuminate your personal space immensely!

Ultra Violet

If you are going for a dramatic look, Ultra Violet (#5F4B8B) is the color for you! It’s remained one of the most desirable shades throughout recent years, and the forecast says it’s here to stay a bit longer. This is the color that sparks creativity. It’s certainly not for everyone, and it must be used carefully to ensure the balance is undisrupted. It’s not a hue you want your whole room to be in, but rather one that should be limited to accent walls and details. It goes perfectly with its color wheel neighbors, pink and blue.

Final words

The most popular interior design color palettes in 2021 contain a wide variety of mesmerizing shades. Shades that, when incorporated in the right way, can be a great addition to your home. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, your place can benefit from every tone on the list. However, it all comes down to your personal preferences. There are no rules to choosing the right or wrong color. As long as you feel it matches the vibe of your interior, the choice is well-made.


Written by Sophia Perry – Edited by Ashley Pasquale

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