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While location is key, it does not contribute to the interior’s appeal. This condo is located in Seattle’s hip neighborhood, Capitol Hill. Despite the condo’s prime locale, the condo itself was bland and uninspiring. We made it our mission to stage the condo and make a statement. To do so, we used bold colors in an eclectic design to bring an energy that matched the neighborhood’s spirit.

Eclectic Style Living Room Home Staging Seattle

In the living room, we decided to use a blue sofa for a pop of color; we used green and yellow accents to compliment the intensity of the blue. We also added different geometric prints to catch the eyes of buyers. The placement of the mid century console table added further interest tying together a hip and funky living space.

Eclectic Style Kitchen Table Home Staging Seattle

For the dining area, we once again used bold mid century pieces to liven up the space. We chose these chairs because their slim structure enlarged the space. Their bold yellow color tied together the dining and living areas, echoing the yellow pillows on the sofa. We once again used prints to dress up the space by using woven tribal bowls and a patterned vase.

Eclectic Style Home Office Home Staging Seattle

We continued most of these design elements in the home office. In this room, we brought the black and white geometric prints to the focus, and we contrasted them with solid green accessories throughout the entire room. Mixing striped and zig-zagged patterns made the design daring, adding extra energy.

Master Bedroom Home Staging Design

We made the master bedroom more relaxing through tamer prints, but maintained the bright color palette to contrast against the soft neutrals. This created a balanced, soothing look.
Colorful Outdoor Balcony Furniture

We even continued the bold color palette outside of the condo and to the balcony.

In Summary

Whether you are putting a property on the market or you are designing your own home, it is important to create a cohesive sense of vivacity throughout your home. An easy way to achieve a hip and funky spirit is to mix bold prints and colors. Essentially, use synergy to create energy.


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