Smart Technology Upgrades to Make Your Home Attractive to Buyers

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While it wasn’t too long ago that the idea of a “smart house” seemed like a Ray Bradbury science fiction piece depicting the far-off future, today it’s easier than ever to upgrade your house’s features with smart technology. Adding security, functionality, and convenience with smart tech is also a great way to increase your home’s appeal to homebuyers — and maybe even price — if you are trying to sell it. Not investing in updated technology, could make you miss out on the interest of buyers in your area.

Luxury Smart Home Tech

One of the reasons people love to outfit their homes with smart tech is because it instantly upgrades their home’s luxury status. Of course, the smart features in the homes of the rich and famous go way beyond your average Alexa. According to a recent Business Insider piece, the key to smart features in the homes of the affluent is personalization. The author references celebrity interviews that reveal home theater systems built for Skype and self-heating driveways that prevent snow buildup around mountain getaways.

Other luxury smart home systems include brands Lutron, Crestron, and Kaleidescape. Lutron offers energy-saving light dimmers, switches, and shades for the perfect lighting in each room and for every occasion. Crestron has various products from speaker control to home security, while Kaleidescape provides multiroom entertainment server technologies that stream audio and video for advanced home theaters.

Best Smart Tech for the Home

While smart technology updates can’t guarantee an increase in home value, your realtor will take into account the amount invested when determining your asking price. To better your chances of a great return on investment for your smart home features, it’s important to choose devices with which people are already familiar. People respond to and are willing to pay for brand recognition. As for smart home features and devices, you have a variety of options available:

Smart Hub

A smart hub is a centralizing device where homeowners can control things including thermostats, appliances, lighting, music, and more.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances such as refrigerators that draft your grocery list for you are standard in luxury homes nowadays. Furthermore, ADT reports that 66% of builders  and developers get higher ROI on homes if smart tech is installed.

Smart Home Security

If there’s one thing people are willing to spend money on, it’s the safety and security of those they love. Smart home security systems provide peace of mind as cameras can be checked 24/7 through smartphone apps.

Smart Lighting

Lighting can make or break the mood in a room. With the help of smart lighting features, homeowners can create the perfect atmosphere at any time while saving money on power bills. Eco-friendly features that contribute to a home’s overall sustainability such as this are also huge selling points.

Smart Locks

No more leaving keys under mats. With smart lock systems, family members and guests can have their own personal codes that grant access to the home.

Invest in Tech Strategically

Smart technology is standard in luxury homes nowadays. If you want your home to appeal to more buyers, updating with features like smart home security or smart appliances will increase interest. Always hire professionals to help with electrical projects to prevent injury and save time. Investing in brand names is a great way to appeal to buyers, as well. Finally, start with the best smart and eco-friendly features before investing. All in all, smart tech should add functionality, safety, and convenience to your home.


For more ideas on what smart technology to add to your home: The Best Tech Tools for Maintaining Rental Properties

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