Large Windows & Reclaimed Wood Defined This Wedgwood House

Have you heard the saying that eyes are the doors to the soul? For me windows, like eyes, do the same for houses. The large windows combined with all the natural reclaimed wood products gave this Wedgwood house a soul and voice of it’s own.

Windows like this bring the outside in with this relationship they create a balance. This balance is what promotes a sense of peace and tranquility, the reasons why we are drawn to these types of spaces.

For this living room, we took advantage of this space by the window and created a seating for two. The low profile furniture kept the visual flow open and undisturbed. We added some curvy sticks to the vase to mimic the garden’s branches. We chose the exterior accent paint color, orange-red, for our interior accent colors as well.

seattle staged to sell staging a new constructions

Here is the view of the same window from the outside. You can see how carrying the exterior colors inside it also adds to this “inside and outside” relationship.

We repeated the same color palate in each room to ensure a sense of harmony for this house from the outside. In the photo below, you can see the interior of the master bedroom seating nook and the children’s bedroom.

staging in Seattle WA

There is nothing more beautiful than nature. Using natural elements into any design adds simplicity, tranquility, as mentioned above, and sophistication. This wall made out of reclaimed wood is an example of this concept.

Seattle staged to sell

Below is another beautiful image of this stunning wall and staircase.

seattle staged to sell

We used this wall art to echo the shape of these amazing windows and bring in the green colors of the trees from the outside.

seattle staged to sellIt is always a pleasure for us to work with such wonderful builders, such as Green Canopy Homes, designing their buildings.

When we heard that this Wedgwood house was sold in a heartbeat, we were not surprised at all.  We loved one of their homes so much, we purchased one of their units as a real-estate investment.


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