Staging a Seattle Mt. Baker House With Stunning Views

For those of us who live in Seattle, we know that a Mt. Baker home means having views of Lake Washington, I-90 Bridge, and the majestic Mt. Rainier. Furthermore, when it comes to Seattle Seafair, these homes offer a front row view to the Blue Angels air show.

When we saw this house for the first time, we knew that we needed to keep the design simple, sophisticated and calm to allow for the stunning views of the lake and mountains to standout. We selected neutral pieces and added a bit of pop with color.

Seattle staged to sell staged homesThe family room, off the kitchen also offered amazing views. We defined this family room and added  a TV, while keeping the views open and clear.

Staged Mt. Baker home

A king size bed and luxury bedding in neutral colors added elegance to this master bedroom. The dark blue wall colors played well with our rich warm neutral color palate.

Staging Mt. Baker House In Seattle We added a bold centerpiece to this master bathroom counter and kept the rest simple. We not only wanted to emphasize a spa bathroom style, but we also wanted to create a romantic and intimate space.

Staging Mt. Baker House In Seattle

This small space in the upper landing made a perfect spot to sit down, watch TV or read. Defining every space and creating a function is everything when it comes to staging and selling homes. Staging Mt. Baker House In Seattle Selecting furniture pieces with low profile was key in keeping this space open. We created a seating and conversation area, while allowing for comfortable foot traffic. A glass coffee table helped to keep this living room more open.

Staging Mt. Baker House In Seattle The floor plan of this house made it an ideal home for a professional couple with older children or no children at all. Based on this demographic, we staged these bedrooms for older children. This strategy also emphasized the spaciousness of these rooms. We wanted to carry the colors of the lake into these rooms, since they did not have a lakeside view.

Staging Mt. Baker House In Seattle This second “teenager” bedroom was across from the first bedroom (above photo) and repeated the same colors to create a flow from room to room. The stone cushions were another way to repeat the feeling of  lake and beach.

Staging Mt. Baker House In Seattle The high ceiling of this guest bedroom in the basement made this room a standout. We emphasized this height by bringing in a bed with a high, dark headboard; this had a big impact on this room. The suitcases not only added an element of fun, but also allowed buyers to see this room as a guest room.

Staging Mt. Baker House In Seattle

When it comes to staging  homes for sale, we strive to incorporate these important points in all of our design strategies:

  1. Identifying the targeted buyers in mind and creating a lifestyle based on this demographic
  2. Identifying the highlights of the homes and emphasizing them even more
  3. Identifying the drawbacks and finding ways to downplay them as much as possible
  4. Being mindful home staging is space definition
  5. Being mindful of the eye of the camera

These photos are examples of how we achieved these for this stunning Seattle Mt. Baker house by showcasing the views and other highlights. In the past, this particular house sat on the market for months without offers. The staging made all the difference and offers came in quickly after this Mt. Baker home hit the Seattle real-estate market.

This is how the listing agent, Michael Ackerman, described this house:

“Relax on your private deck and enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Washington, mountains and daily sunrises. Go for a lovely bike ride along the Lake Washington bike trail. Throw a fun Seafair party and watch the Blue Angels fly right above you. This invitingly designed contemporary home offers sharp finishes and captivating front row views from every level! Open spaces, dramatic ceiling height and brilliant light present a relaxed modern elegance. Decks, a rear yard and 2 car attached garage!”




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