Home Staging Pays Off (Literally)

The idea of home staging can make sellers anxious. Bringing someone new into their home to redesign it may seem like an intrusion to some home sellers who have trouble letting go. Homeowners of smaller properties wonder if staging is worth it for their home. Therefore, home sellers who have not sold a staged house before may find the prospect daunting. However, the staging fee should not be thought of as a cost, but rather as an investment.

“After our open house we had five separate offers, the winning one was nearly 25% over the asking price and nearly one hundred thousand dollars more than a nearly identical unit in the same building that sold just a couple of months prior.”  -Katie Myers, home seller

Summit Ave Condo

The Summit Ave condo in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood proved to be no exception. Prior to staging, this condo looked uninspiring and cramped. With our design, we brought energy into its rooms adding greatly to the property’s appeal.

Importance of Home Staging

We brought in bright colors, layered different textures, and mixed geometric and tribal prints. This tastefully achieved a unique, eclectic look perfect for Capitol Hill. To read more about our design for this condo, go to our blog post: Energize Your Design. Buyers loved our design, and the home sellers quickly got multiple offers. In the end, they accepted an offer well above their asking price. In fact, they sold it for almost $100,000 more than what a neighboring unit sold for just a few months earlier.

Home Office Home Staging Seattle

The home sellers for this Summit Ave condo wrote us a stellar five star review on Houzz that pinpoints the importance of staging:

“At the recommendation of our realtor, we engaged Seattle Staged to Sell to help us with our very small condo on Capitol Hill. Since we are remote, we had to interact mostly through email. They worked with the realtor to view the condo and develop a plan that highlighted home for the ideal demographic. The design proposal was through and outlined specific pieces of furniture and the overall design aesthetic they would use. Once we saw photos of their work my husband said, “…even I want to live here now,” about the 700 square foot space (we live in a 2000 square foot home in the San Francisco Bay Area). The home looked inviting, spacious, and modern after their work. After our open house we had five separate offers. The winning offer was nearly 25% over the asking price. Nearly one hundred thousand dollars more than a nearly identical unit in the same building that sold just a couple of months prior. No small amount of credit goes to our realtor and his excellent marketing skills. However, I doubt we would have done so well without the help of Seattle Staged to Sell.”

In conclusion

After selling for almost $100,000 more than the original asking price and over the price of a recently-sold and nearly identical neighboring unit, it’s easy to say that home staging proves a worthy investment. As professionals, we know the housing market intimately. We can design to target a specific group of buyers most likely to purchase the home. By soliciting our expertise, home sellers invest in their success.

For more information about the condo unit go to its Redfin Page.

To read another example of the payoff of home staging: The Importance of Investing in Staging

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