Our 5 Favorite: Mid-century Bathrooms

The Trend: Mid-century Homes.

The Mid-century Modern trend returned several years ago, when the TV series Mad Men became a hit. Such success influenced the tastes of its large audience. Ever since, Mid-century homes have been popular on the market. Here are our five favorite bathrooms of the Mid-century homes that we staged this year.

1) Clyde Hill Metallic Master Bathroom

Seattle Mid-century Home Bathroom

This Mid-century Clyde Hill home took us back in time to the 1960s. This property was an estate sale, put on the market by the children of the deceased owners. Their parents had kept all of the original Mid-century details, including the wallpaper, drapery, and light fixtures. This sophisticated master bathroom had its original metallic wallpaper that matched its Mid-century hanging lights, which made the room. We added simplistic accessories in matte, neutral tones to let the walls and lights to shine.

2) Clyde Hill Powder Room

Seattle Mid-century Home Bathroom

We just could not get over the original light fixtures in this Clyde Hill home! We loved how the gold towel bar paired with the hanging lights to add elegance to this small, soft-toned powder room.

3) Colorful Clyde Hill Bathroom

Seattle Mid-century Home Bathroom

This fun bathroom contrasted with the sleek sophistication of the other ones in the house. Located by the children’s rooms, this bathroom was bright and energetic. We were obsessed with the orange countertop with double sinks. The unique wallpaper, with its occasional orange spots that matched the countertop, cheered up the room.

4) Kirkland All-Around Mosaic Tile Bathroom

Seattle Mid-century Home Bathroom

In the Mid-century era, tiles were often an iconic part of a home’s design. Colorful mosaics were extremely popular and eye-catching. We loved how this mosaic design in different blues contrasted the dark, reddish hues of the wood cabinets and trimmings.

5) Shoreline Mosaic Band Bathroom

Seattle Mid-century Home Bathroom

This bathroom in our partial stage followed the Mid-century colorful mosaic trend with narrow bands across the walls. The green, blue, and brick color tones in the tiles created a rich, earthy atmosphere.

In Conclusion.

The Mid-century trend is still going strong. These five bathrooms stood out to us in our 2016 Mid-century stages. Their original wallpapers, colorful tile mosaics, and light fixtures helped sell the homes.


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