Mercer Island Home – Case Study

As stagers, we get to see behind the scenes before a house comes on the market. Sometimes, a home is ready to list right away. We call this a turn-key home. In most cases, a home is in need of some work before it hits the market. Sometimes this isn’t an option due to cost of the improvements and how long it could delay the listing. When a homeowner is open to taking design recommendations from their agent and stagers, it can be a beautiful thing and very rewarding financially.

The clients of this Mercer Island house wanted to put their home as it was on the market last February. The house was in need of repairs, updates and a deep cleaning. The seller’s agent, Kelly Weisfield advised the homeowners to wait a bit, do the repairs and the updates using Compass Concierge and then put it on the market as a turn-key home.

The home would have been listed at $1.8 as it was. The total cost of repairs was approximately $200K. The home was finished and listed in September. By then, the value of the home had gone up thanks to a hot market and of course, the updates. The home was listed at $2.4 M and it received ten offers. The home sold for $2.858M in less than one week for a total net of $1.058M.


Strategic planning in either a sellers or buyers market, pays off. After being in this business for almost 17 years, we are still impressed by this amazing outcome. We are honored to work with such savvy agents.

Stay tuned for more case studies. We have a lot more to share!

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