• The Difference Between Home Staging and Interior Decorating

    difference between home staging and interior decorating

    It’s a common misconception that home staging and interior decorating are one and the same. While home staging is a type of home design, it’s, in fact, different from interior decorating. So what is the difference between home staging and interior decorating?

    The Difference between home staging and interior decorating

    Essentially, home staging is temporary and generally done to sell a house or find new tenants. Whereas, interior decorating is for when you already bought the home and want to decorate it to your own liking.

    difference between home staging and interior decorating

    Home Staging

    Home staging is all about illusions. It’s beyond decorating and cleaning. Just like how David Copperfield would sell a house, it is the art of making the house attractive to potential buyers.

    Staging makes a house look bigger, warmer, cleaner and brighter. Essentially, it’s all about dressing the house for sale.

    Below are some things that are involved during the home staging process:

    • De-cluttering and de-personalizing items to create a broad appeal that opens buyers’ imagination.
    • Re-arranging or supplementing existing furniture and décor to make the house appear up-to-date, on-trend, and to mirror the prospective buyers’ lifestyle.
    • Spotlighting the best features of a room, enhancing the visible space while downplaying any flaws.
    • Repurposing space from something that might have worked for you to what will work and appeal to buyers.
    • Evaluating which repairs need to be made to the home’s exterior in order to improve curb appeal.
    • Removing personal items from the home, such as family photos, to create a more generic space that any buyer could imagine living in.

    In efforts to spruce up the house, home stagers use a variety of accessories. The utilization of these accessories is only limited to the stager’s vision and creativity. Examples of such accessories include:

    • Plastic tables and chairs
    • Baskets
    • Inflatable queen size beds
    • Pillows
    • Afghans
    • Ottomans
    • Small loveseats
    • Area and throw rugs
    • Floor & table lamps
    • Silk flowers
    • Plants
    • Mirrors


    difference between home staging and interior decorating

    Interior Decorating

    Interior decorating deals with the look and feel of a room. This is perhaps the most well-known branch of the home design industry. Additionally, interior decorators work with a wide range of items in their efforts to transform a space. Common items include artwork, window treatments, accessories, and more.

    They liaise with their clients to accessorize, place furniture, and select color schemes in ways that reflect the unique personality and taste of the client.

    Below are a few examples of how an interior decorator can transform their clients’ spaces:

    • Helping clients make the most of small spaces, like kitchens and bathrooms. This includes replacing appliances or sinks and adding color.
    • Creating a specific mood through the use of lighting fixtures, according to client’s specification.
    • Reproducing a particular style within a client’s home. This could be transitional, modern, art deco, or midcentury modern. This is where interior designers can get really creative to suit their clients’ tastes.


    Bellevue Washington Home Staging Design Dining Room

    Now you know the difference between home staging and interior decorating. However, Seattle Staged to Sell is a full-service design company. This means that we offer both home staging and interior design services for our clients whatever your needs. Please call us at (206) 334-0266 to discuss your design wants further.

    This article was written by Kellie of T-Square Real Estate Services, Inc. and edited by Rhoya Selden of Seattle Staged to Sell.

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