Components of an at Home Game Room

Games, either table, board, or video, are at bars, offices, schools, or daycare.  All ages enjoy the excitement from the imagination and competition of a good game.  Bring this delight home, in a personalized at home game room!  Enjoy family game nights, host competitions, or entertain guests at a party with a unique game room inside your home.

Storage for Games

Many games come with small pieces and hundreds of parts.  Eliminate clutter in the room with storage.  Not just any storage, be clever with design and keep aesthetics in mind.  Storage cabinets, custom or pre-made, can be functional and look good!  Space-plan the room by sketching out the size and locations of your storage cabinets.  Pull-out drawers with ample height and width are perfect for small to large boxed games.  Cabinets ensure the room lacks mess and gives order your stored games.

Furniture for Comfort

Comfortable seating around a game-practical table goes a long way, especially for games that last hours.  Plenty of companies offer custom built tables or you can build your own to match your needs.  Tables with pull-outs to expand surface area assist with larger games.  Understand what is most comfortable for your playing style prior to purchasing seating and tables.  Pair your table height and seating to ensure the table top is visible for all players.  Sectional sofa seating, bean bags, stools, or tall high-backed chairs are all options, depending on your table height.

Lighting for the Right Mood

Bright light is a must, especially for games pitting competitors into the late-night.  Charming pendant lights can hang over game tables.  Recessed ceiling lights or corner light sconces add panache.  Build LED lights into custom gaming tables for flare and practicality.  Multipurpose rooms for gaming and movies will benefit from dimming controlled lights.

Make it Unique

Other unique ideas include creating a speak-easy vibe gaming room with wet-bar.  Install a shuffle board along one wall or, space permitting, add a ping-pong or pool table.  Installation of French-doors in an open floor plan will help reduce noise for late night gamers with sleeping kids.  Keep younger children occupied with a crafting corner while playing games for experienced players. Frame old board games for wall-art as well!  The options are endless in creating a functional, imaginative, and stylish game room.

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