Three Multifunctional Home Office Ideas

It seems we always need more space, whether in a single-family home or a small apartment.  Creative space-planning eliminates the need to upsize square footage and makes the most of your current dwelling.  Prolonged remote working generated the necessity of home office space.  Here are three ideas to design a multifunctional home office.

Home Office and Guest Room

Guest rooms are often the least used spaces in a residence.  Double the role of guest rooms by adding home office space.  Use collapsible beds, such as fold-out wall beds or pull-out sofas.  Use a desk with multiple drawers on either side of seating; one side being office supplies and the other open for guest linen and clothes.  

Home Office and Playroom

Working from home with little ones creates a unique set of problems, especially when keeping an eye on them.  Create a dual-purpose home office and playroom to solve the majority of concerns.  Create distinguishable zones for play and work so the little ones understand which area is for them.  Use toy baskets, crafting areas, and children sized furniture to assist in boundary setting.  Brighten the room with colorful hues, artwork, and area rugs.  Make the room inviting and comfortable to work and play.     


Home Office and Gym

Build strength, physically and mentally, inside a home office and gym combo.  Larger spaces provide an area for a work desk, treadmill, weight bench, or a bike machine.  Collapsible or folding weight benches, stackable free weights, and rollable foam mats are most useful in smaller spaces.  Match your workout needs with equipment tailored to cardio or strength building, or a combination.  Mount a wall-TV for workout videos or teleconferences.  Maybe master the art of curling a dumbbell and typing at the same time?  

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