5 Ways Real Estate Agents Have Adapted Business Amid COVID-19

Within the past six months, over 100,000 small businesses had to close because of the pandemic that continues to rip through the nation. Countless retail stores, gyms, restaurants and salons have shut down, some of them for good. Yet, there is one industry that continues to do well and that is real estate. 

If you’re considering contacting an agent to sell your home fast in Seattle, WA but aren’t sure how business will be conducted, here are five innovative ways real estate agents have adapted to keep you safe.

1. Virtual home tours and open houses

Real estate agents have embraced technology before, but now they rely heavily on virtual tours, open houses and even 3D walkthroughs to show houses. The virtual tours allows agents to show homes to prospective buyers while adhering to social distancing protocols. Plus, the agent can record the tour and once it’s over, they can post the recording on the listing’s website for other potential buyers to view.

2. Video conference calls

Real estate agents and clients meet multiple times throughout the transaction. They typically meet at the client’s home, a potential house or even the agent’s office. However, due to COVID, in-person meetings are frowned upon due to social distancing. Even other parties who participate in the transaction can use virtual calls. Virtual conferencing gives people the opportunity to conduct business when it is convenient – people don’t have to travel to this office or that. It’s just easier for everyone involved!

3. Electronically sign documents

If this is your first time buying a house, you better rest up your writing hand because you’re going to be signing a lot of documents! But, thanks to COVID, that is no longer the case. All documents that need to be signed can be done online. Just a click of a button and your documents are signed!

4. Reliance on professional staging

Furniture style is specific to the individual and sometimes it can be hard for buyers to look past your style choices. After all, not everyone is keen on turn of the century designs. That is where a professional staging company comes into play. A staging company knows how to style a home so that it sells. They choose styles that are timeless and make a statement without obstructing the beauty of the home. In light of the coronavirus, staging companies are embracing virtual consultations to communicate with clients and follow safety guidelines when staging a home. 

Flora Farmhouse

5. Online listings

Did you know that 54% of homebuyers use online listing sites to buy a house? Some people even buy the house without actually going through it themselves. Real estate agents have noticed that these sites are picking up traction and more agents are putting their houses on multiple sites. They give detailed information, plenty of pictures and even the videos we mentioned previously.  Sometimes it just takes a few days for a listing to get sold. Now how’s that for a fast sale?

Are you ready for a different real estate industry?

COVID-19 has changed a lot of aspects of our lives and there’s no way of knowing when things will return to normal – whatever that means. While we can’t say for sure how the real estate industry will fare in the upcoming months, we can say that we’re certain that you’ll find more ways that agents are adapting to COVID-19

If you’re considering selling your house (or even buying), make sure you talk to your real estate agent and ask what precautions they take to ensure everyone is safe and remains healthy during this pandemic.

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