Tips on Selling and Staging Your Home During the Fall Season

staging tips for the fall season

Fall is here. Is your home ready for the potential home buyers?

Selling and staging your home during the fall season? Follow these simple tips to ensure a successful outcome.

Usually, when the holiday season is near, the real estate market tends to slow down. Some people believe that not very many people are looking for homes during this time of the year and delay trying to sell their home. However, some home sellers need to put their homes on the market for a variety of reasons. Thank goodness for that too, because there are also those home buyers who are still looking for their new homes during the holiday season. I know, because this was my own scenario 10 years ago when we moved in the fall to Seattle from the UK and we needed to find a home fast.

Fall home staging tips

The good news for home sellers who have to sell their home during the fall is this: the home buyers who are looking for homes during this time are serious home buyers and this is the main reason for home sellers to do their best to create cozy and inviting spaces by following these tips:

Curb appeal and more curb appeal

  1. Rake the leaves and make sure the path to your house is clear and open.
  2. Trim and cut back any dead shrubs and/or flowers.
  3. Add seasonal flowers like winter pansies and colorful mums.. You can also add some evergreen shrubs such as certain grasses. Visit local nurseries to get some ideas for your own climate.
  4. I like the idea of displaying some pumpkin by your front door if you have a porch or the space. Pumpkins add color and interest for the months of October and November. Avoid a Halloween theme.
  5. Don’t forget the power of beautifully potted plants.
  6. And don’t neglect the back garden.

Carry outside fall colors inside

  1. It is always a good approach to bring outside inside. Fall colors are rich and beautiful. Who doesn’t like to look at a maple leaf with all those rust, orange and bright yellow leaves. Tips for fall home staging
  2. Bring these colors in with your candles, cushions and throws. A display of a bowl of nuts or ornamental small pumpkins is cheerful. 
  3. Potted mum are also wonderful for the inside of your home. They make wonderful centerpieces. 


Show off your fireplace

  1. If you have a fireplace, make sure it is clean.
  2. It is easy and inexpensive to update the fireplace screens. By investing $50, you can pick up a new and attractive screen from Home Depot or Target.
  3. Place wood in your fireplace to suggest a warm image of sitting by the fire.
  4. Soft and cozy throws on a chair or sofa next to a fireplace add the element of comfort at this time of the year. 
  5. Never ever leave your home with the fireplace on. This is NOT safe. Your agent can turn on the fireplace during the open houses. 
Fall season home staging tips


  1. Days are getting shorter and it is very important to add light for safety and for ambiance. 
  2. Keep the accent lights on for all of your showings. Remember that real estate agents don’t have time to turn on every bedside or floor lamp.
  3. Having some lights on makes it safer for the agents and home buyers to enter without tripping on anything.
  4. Use up-lighters to brighten up the dark corners.


  1. Stay away from scented candles. Even though their beautiful scents might seem tempting to add, remember that scents are very personal and not everyone will have the same reaction. In addition, there are some people who are allergic to certain scents. This is true for me. When I was looking for my own home, as soon as I walked into a home where the agent or the home sellers were burning scented candles, I would immediately leave the house, regardless of how much I wanted to see the inside.
  2. If you want to add some scent anyway, just add some vanilla drops to a pot of water on the stove over low heat or on the heating elements of your oven about two hours before your showing. But be sure to turn everything off and remove the pot before you leave the house.

Keep in mind that home buyers tend not to stay inside cold homes for very long. Since the temperatures drop during the fall season, adjust your thermostat to a comfortable setting. Remember, a comfortable temperature and adequate lighting is essential when it comes to selling and staging your home during the fall season. 

Photos Source: BHG

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