Staging vs Boutique Staging

Home staging can be represented in many ways. Boutique staging is one of those. Travelers describes home staging as “Put simply, staging means preparing the home for a potential buyer — or “setting the stage,” if you will. It involves redecorating, rearranging furniture, cleaning and other aesthetic strategies to present the home in the best possible light. The goal is to make the home as appealing as possible to the most potential buyers.” But, not every home stager is has this intention in mind. Some have more simple goals for the home and simply want to place a few pieces of furniture so that it is not empty.

At Seattle Staged to Sell & Design, our focus is to design with intention. From the first visit to your home, we create a custom concept, thinking of every possible aspect of the design. Here is one of many examples of how our staging sets us apart from the rest.

Boutique home staging is about more than placing furniture in a home–we run with your concept to create a design that is unique to your specific home and targeted buyer. No homebuyer is generic, so why should your design be?

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