• Selling Your Home In A Cooler Market

    For several years, Seattle was one of the many major cities with soaring home prices. More recently, Seattle has been known for home prices that stood still. Present day, an article by The Seattle Times states that a recent dip in Seattle home prices is leading a nationwide slow-down. So what does this mean for homeowners looking to sell? We’ve gathered some must know facts about the market changes as well as a few tips for selling your home in a cooler market. 

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  • No Offers – Then Staged & SOLD In Just Two Days

    Seattle real estate market is HOT!

    The combination of Seattle’s job growth and a record low inventory has turned the Seattle real estate market into a seller’s market. This is a solid fact.

    We are seeing houses sell for more than their asking market price after receiving multiple offers. Homebuyers are prepared, preapproved and many are willing to buy their dream homes without even inspections.Read more

  • Realtors Who Stage Their Own Listings Might Not Be Using Their Skills & Time Wisely

    As a Seattle home stager, I like to stay informed about Seattle real estate and this means attending some open houses. I find it interesting to see how many homes for sale are staged and how these homes have been prepared for the market. I’m happy to say that I am finding more and more homes being staged. Even though most of these are staged appropriately, sometimes I see homes where the staging is quite not right. One such home, a Green Lake Tudor style home, is still fresh in my mind.

    This Green Lake house was only one block from the actual lake and this is a huge plus for a Seattle home. The house, though it was charming from the outside, told a different story from the inside. These are the problems that I saw right away with the staging:

    • The furniture pieces were in wrong scale. The dark brown full sofa, two matching large arm chairs and wide coffee table overwhelmed the living room.
    • The small dining table on other side of the room was dwarfed by the over-sized living room.
      Staging tips by seattle professional home stager
      A correct furniture scale is one of the most important aspects of home staging.
    • The living room was dark and adequate lighting was missing; the dark brown leather furniture compounded the problem.
    • A too-small piece of wall art was hung from the largest wall of the room. 
    • The bedrooms were missing bedside tables and lamps.
    • The master bedroom’s blow up bed was totally deflated and it made the whole room sad.
    I tired to look for a business card to see who had staged this house, but then realized that this house was staged by the real estate agent and this is when the warning signs went up for me. Don’t take me wrong, I know of some savvy real estate agents who also have professional home staging business and they do wonderful work. The key word here is PROFESSIONAL. Being a real estate agent and having a home staging business with full time professional home stagers is a wonderful venture. The problem is when a full time real estate agent tries to stage their own listings with few pieces of furniture that they have collected and keep in their basements or garages.
    Two weeks after coming across this house, I received a call from Michael Ackerman, one of my real estate clients from CBBain. He wanted me to stage his upcoming Green Lake listing.  Michael’s listing just happened to be right across the street from this house and it was a Tudor style home as well.
    Michael’s home sellers were worried about the sale of their home since the house across the street was not selling. I promised them that their house would be beautifully staged for the targeted buyers. Our staged home was sold in one week for the full asking price. Four weeks later, when we de-staged the house, the For Sale sign was still on the yard of the house across the street with an additional red sign on the side indicating REDUCED PRICE
    As we drove away, I wondered how much this butchered staging ended up costing the home owner.  The home sellers who hired us to stage their home invested $2,750 in the staging of their home, which was far less than $20,000 price reduction plus the up-keep costs such as mortgage, taxes, …..
    Staging tips by seattle staged to sell company
    YOU as a home seller have a clear choice. Make it right from the beginning  
    and team up with a full time real estate agent and a professional home stager.
    My advise to the home sellers:  when it comes to selling your home, one of your greatest investments, look at the bigger picture. Spending an average of $2,500 for staging should not be considered a cost, but rather an investment. Hire a real estate agent who is a savvy marketer and who puts all his/her attention and focus on the selling of your home. 
    A price reduction is painful. Avoid it by teaming up with full time real estate agents and professional home stagers.  A successful sale demands it.


  • What Today’s Home Buyers Want

    Home buyers in this market generally tend to buy homes that are ready to be moved into right away. They don’t want to deal with any renovation projects before occupying their new home. staged homes by seattle staged to sell Moving into a new house is expensive and most home buyers prefer to save their money for bigger renovations later, like a basement remodel.

    Think about the condition of your home. Do you need to attend to some projects before putting your house on the market? Don’t know where to start or which project to tackle?  Here are some general areas to look at to help you determine which improvements will give you the best return. I’d like to emphasis again, that these are general areas and you should discuss this with your Realtor and home stager. This list is a great start to get you thinking and moving in the right direction.

    Landscaping & curb appeal – remember that first impressions are everything

    • Weed and remove any plant debris
    • Prune trees that block the house and the windows; natural light means $$$seattle's home stagers
    • Re-sod the grass if it is needed and keep it mowed as long as the house is on the market
    • Add flower pots at the front door
    • Add seasonal flowers; group the flowers for greater impact and stick with 1-3 colors only
    • Stay away from orange beauty bark and opt for rich dark brown mulch; this will make all the flowers and plants to pop out


    • Hardwood floors are all about condition, condition, condition 
    •  Home buyers LOVE perfect hardwood floors
    • Shampoo carpets and replace the worn out one
    • Choose warm neutral color carpets and low pile
    • Replace/repair worn out linoleum

    Painting – Interior

    • Touch-up trim, doors and ceiling as needed 
    • If the doors are painted shut, unstick them
    • Rich neutral colors are best choices for paint
    • Paint over old water stains
    • The walls should be painted if there are nail holes and marksA seattle home stagers tips

    Painting – exterior

    • Sand and repaint any cracks
    • Repaint or re-stain the front door
    • Repaint fence
    • Three colors for a house is best; one for the body, one for the door, and one for the trim
    • Remember:  it is not about you, so paint the house in a color that appeals to most home buyers

    Kitchen and baths

    • Replace old counter tops; there are companies now that will lay new surfaces right on top of the existing one which involves less labor and thus, saves money
    • If the budget allows, replace appliances that look old and change out the non-working ones;  check out your  local discount appliance stores as they often sell appliances with minor scratches or dents at greatly discounted prices
    • Paint kitchen cabinets and get new and updated hardware
    • No leaking faucets

    You might also find our previous blog about 2011 HomeGain stats about the best home improvements with the best ROI. Remember that during your consultation, your home stager will help you to determine what are the most important projects for YOUR house.


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