Tips For Decorating A Small Home

Just because you may live in a small home, that doesn’t mean you have to live with miniature furniture pieces or plain decor. Nor do you need to forgo luxury. Follow these steps and live large in your small home.

Size Matters.

The first rule of living in small spaces is selecting furniture within the right size. Small spaces look bigger when the scale of furniture fits the space. 

Always measure your entry and available space to ensure that your choice of comfortable sofa is realistic for the designated  space and that it can actually fit through the doorway. Some entries are curved or have angles that make it very challenging to get the furniture in.  If you are in doubt as to whether the sofa fits in your space, just tape the floors with the dimensions of the sofa. Getting a visual tape view before committing to a certain sofa can save lots of time, money and frustration.

Function and Multi-Functional

Use multi-functional pieces. For example, a side table could also be a desk. A storage ottoman can also make a great coffee table. Be creative. Multi-functional pieces are cool in small places as well as in larger ones.

Use your vertical space. If you own your home, the floor to ceiling built-ins are a great way to claim more space. Floating shelves are another great option. They are visually more open, thus creating a more spacious feel while providing space for storage.

Light and Bright

Add light to your space and make your home feel brighter, warmer, cozier and more inviting. Use uplights behind the plants, in any dark corner or to accent artwork. 

Use a lighter shade of carpet to brighten up your space.  Depending on how small your space is, you might even be able to find a remnant carpet piece that works perfectly for your place. If your space comes with dark wall-to-wall carpet or dark stained wood floors, cover the floor with a lighter color carpet.

The Bedroom

A bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture in a small space. Add luxury and depth by layering the linen and fabric. An elegant color palate and a mixture of  pattern and prints adds interest and makes the space feel arier. Luxury is the best small-space strategy. However, if your bedroom is very small, a Murphy’s Bed will be your friend.

A Final thought

Small spaces usually feel boxy and very square. Using curvy items like a round dining table, mirror and pillows will help to soften the harsh boxy look and feel of the rooms.

Forget about tradition. Always think about what is best for your needs — after all, this is YOUR home. Some people prefer a full bed vs. a fold up bed. Some need a desk more than a dining table. Again, double functioning furniture pieces can be a great option for solving small space problems. However, if this is not an option for you, just prioritize your needs. Having functional and practical spaces are essential elements of having a beautiful and luxurious home. 

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