How To Style A Bedroom Without A Headboard

Styling a bedroom without a standard  headboard can be done in a variety of different ways. It’s all in your creative eye! Details are everything in this situation. Using an elegant art piece can complement the color scheme of the room and add to the comforting feel we all want to come home to. This look can be created in any size room, with a variety of styles. From canvas art, to clocks,  tapestries, and even baskets. Take a look at some of these unique ways to style a bedroom without a headboard. 

Easy plus versatile 

A clever way to dress up any guest bedroom would be to add baskets in place of a headboard as we did here. This creates a new look, that is neutral and easy to switch around. Not to mention you are saving money by not buying a standard headboard, and still creating a catching look! While it depends on the size of your bed and wall, these baskets can be found in multiple shapes and sizes at your local craft store, and are easy to install. Go for multiple or just a few, this basket technique can not be done wrong!

Textures and Patterns

In this young children’s room, we played with texture to create a fun and different look. The white picket fence makes for a farm town home feel, with an option to change color with some quick paint.

Choose an Accent Color

In something like a guest bedroom that you want to keep neutral, it is fun to play with a bold accent color. For this room we chose red as our accent color. It is brought in in the pillows, and then again in our tapestry headboard. This is a simple and easy to create look! With some simple fabric from your local craft store, and a few nails, you have given your bedroom a fresh new style!

Structure Structure Structure 

My last tip for you guys is to utilize the structure of your home. Windows make a great headboard and can even add shelving! You can use the window seal as a centerpiece to act as a headboard. You can keep it clean as we did in this picture, or to add small props, plants, or whatever you like! A fun detail about using a window, is you can make it completely versatile with using different colored blinds, or window curtains.


When thinking of ways to get creative in your home, little details go along way. From artwork, too different kinds of fabrics and textures. There are so many creative options. I hope these quick tips inspire anyone looking to style a bedroom without a headboard!

Written by Sierra Kuhn & Edited By Ashley Pasquale

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