Dramatic Entryways Make Lasting Impressions

What makes the biggest impact when someone first sees your home? Unsurprisingly, the entryway is the key to make a lasting impression.  Whether you’re staging your home to sell it, trying to attract quality tenants for your rental property,  or just wanting to impress your company, the front doorway, porch, steps, and foyer are some of the most important areas to spruce up to get more bang for your buck.

It is psychologically proven that when people are presented a list of items, they remember the first and last items of the list the best. When someone enters your home, the entryway is the first and last thing they will see. So give them something to remember! Here are some ways to make your entryway pop, inside and out:

a color that is sure to make a lasting impression

Bold Front Door Colors

The front door, being the centerpiece of the entryway, is a major focal point. A fresh coat of paint on your front door is always a good thing, as it gives your home a clean and updated look. It’s important to think about the color of your front door, and how it complements the rest of the entryway.  

While some homeowners play it safe with a door color matching the trim of the house, a pro decorator tip is to choose a completely different, bold color. For example, if you have a beige neutral theme, opt for something in the blue family, perhaps a teal or royal blue.  Various shades of green or red complement homes that are painted yellow or grey. Choose a contrasting color that stands out, but stays within the theme or style of your home.

This draws attention to your front door, and makes all of the other gorgeous details of your home more noticeable. 


Include Sidelights or Transoms

When choosing an entry door, adding sidelights or transoms can be a game changer.  Sidelights are the panels to the left, right, or both sides of the doors.  They be added on single or double entry doors in traditional or modern styles. Transoms are window openings above the doors. Either of these make your entryway more inviting, especially on the inside, by adding natural light to brighten up the doorway and front room of your home.  

Not sure which one to choose? Consider the wall space around your door. If you have a tall entryway or wide double doors, a transom may fill the space nicely. Similarly, sidelights can make your single front door more grandiose. Want a lot of light, and the grandest of statements? Try both!


front door

Shine Bright

In addition to adding natural light to your entryway, a hanging light fixture can draw attention and brighten the space, in or outdoors. Most commonly, we see nondescript front porch lighting, conservative sconces or overhead lights.  If you have a large enough front porch or portico, consider a hanging light that is visible from the street. If you have a glass door and large foyer, spend a little extra on a showy chandelier or modern hanging light.  The indoor light fixture can be more grandiose and eye catching, to illuminate and impress..Of course, for a smaller space, don’t over do it. If this isn’t the focal point of the entryway, you want something simple to light up the rest of the space. 


There is Always Beauty in Nature

Once you’ve captured your guests’ attention, it’s time to really impress them. Adding some green to your entryway is inviting and adds natural beauty to your home. To include plants in a dramatic style, add oversized potted plants on each side of the front door. Choose large pots, 18-24 inches in diameter at least, and fill them with taller plants that will thrive in a shady spot. The pots are not inexpensive, but relatively speaking it is an affordable way to change the entire appeal of your space.  

This is also a great way to add a personal touch. Choose plants that mean something to you; if you have the time, plant some by hand. Sharing the reasons behind your choices shows that your garden was carefully crafted, with more thought than hiring a landscaping company. Unique flora can create an unmatchable and unforgettable look. And if you don’t have a green thumb, artificial plants have come a long way and can be very realistic and gorgeous nowadays. 


The Devil is in the Details

Unique and detailed architecture in your entryway gives the feeling that this is more than just an average home. Large, striking pieces such as columns or arched doors will transform your home completely. Take concepts from unforgettable architectural wonders, such as Roman aqueducts or Arabic palaces, and bring them right to your front door, to leave your potential buyers or tenants in awe.

Of course, if you are not doing major renovations, you can still add moldings, trims, and accents to existing structures. For example, add a second piece of trim to the base or top of a column, or shutters around front windows. Give your existing moldings and trim some TLC — maybe add a small design to the trim around your door. This ensures a professional and finished look that will subconsciously set an elegant or expensive tone to your home.  

Take a Seat

If you have space in your entryway, adding some patio furniture is a surefire way to create a homey feeling before you even walk inside. This could be as simple as a chair or two, or a hammock for extra relaxing vibes; cheap patio furniture is easy to find (IKEA and Amazon are your best friends here), but try to include cushions. Especially if you’re staging your home or rental property, this gets viewers to imagine themselves enjoying this outside space and making it their own. 

Add Artwork

If the outside of your entryway is dressed to impress, you want to make sure the inside holds up the expectation. Put up some striking art pieces to draw attention right as you walk in. Find something local or unique — it doesn’t have to be expensive. Add a foyer table, and keep an oversized vase full of flowers. Large mirrors can also be a good choice if you want to accentuate the natural light and make the entry seem spacious. Keep in mind, everything in moderation. Don’t overcrowd the walls, and maintain balance by adding smaller pieces to complement a particularly large work. 

Similarly to the garden, choosing artwork can be a personal experience. Have something to say about the first painting your guests will see; tell them why you chose that piece to represent the style of your home. If you’re showing your home, you want a large but neutral piece, so it can be reused in another location. 


a door that is sure to make a lasting impression

While this is certainly not all you can do to make your home one of a kind, focusing on these key tips can make a dramatic difference in how people perceive your home, leaving them impressed, and perhaps even inspired. Remember, the entryway is the key to make a lasting impression.

Written by Tal Hassid | Edited by Ashley Pasquale

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