A Seattle Downtown Penthouse With Spectacular Views

Seattle is well known as a beautiful city with some wonderful quaint neighborhoods and spectacular views. As a Seattle home staging company, we feel lucky that we can go into some many homes where we have the homes to ourselves for one day and can enjoy and admire the views.  Vast different views such as Puget Sound, Lake Washington, Mt. Rainier, Lake Union, and Space Needle are some examples of what make Seattle such a unique city. We have the mountains, the water, and the iconic landmarks all in one place.

When we were called to view this beautiful Seattle downtown penthouse for staging , the views of Space Needle just took our breath away. Isn’t amazing, that how we don’t get tired seeing this beloved Seattle historical building? For me personally, I can see and experience Space Needle differently each time especially when I walked into this penthouse. It was like a magic.


For our staging design approach for this downtown Seattle penthouse:

  1. Kept the staging design simple to allow the views to remain the main focal point
  2. Selected calm colors and repeated it throughout the penthouse to create a tranquil uniformity
  3. Defined the open spaces and created comfortable conversation spaces
  4. Mixed large sofas and two chairs with low profile to showcase the size of this penthouse and help the buyers visualize that this penthouse can be an incredible place for entertaining and gathering.

I am convinced that home stagers such as myself, we feel and see our own cities differently. We have this unique opportunity to go into so many homes and have them to ourselves for an entire day.

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