How to Prepare Your Home for an Open House

If the main question on your mind is, “Should I stage my house?” you’re in the right place. Staging is the key to a successful sale. Nevertheless, how you do it is equally important. This guide will give you ideas on how to prepare your home for an open house! Selling your home is pivotal, and presenting it in the best possible light is essential for a swift and lucrative sale. Imagine staging as your home’s grand debut – an opportunity to captivate potential buyers and help them envision a life within your walls. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through ten expert tips to master the art of staging and ensure your open house is a resounding success.


No. 1 Curb Appeal: Prepare Your Home for an Open House by Crafting an Irresistible First Impression

Picture this: a well-manicured lawn, trimmed hedges, and a front door that beckons with a fresh coat of paint. That’s the power of curb appeal. Your home’s exterior is the first thing buyers see, so it’s essential to create a captivating initial impression. A tidy exterior conveys that the place has been cared for and will set your home up for selling success. A professional home stager is always happy to give advice on how to achieve the best curb appeal for your budget and even help you choose exterior paint colors.


No. 2 Declutter and Depersonalize: Unveiling Space and Potential

After you’ve put the finishing touches on the exterior, it’s time to shift your attention to the interior, where a crucial step is decluttering. It’s worth emphasizing that clutter can significantly hinder a potential buyer’s ability to envision themselves in your home. So, as you embark on the journey to stage your home for an open house, begin by systematically removing personal items such as family photos and any excess decorations. That extends to all areas of the home – from the kitchen counters to the bookshelves and even the closets.

This decluttering process serves a dual purpose: it creates a visually more spacious and organized atmosphere and empowers prospective buyers to project their aspirations and lifestyles onto the space mentally. In essence, by clearing away these personal artifacts, you’re inviting potential buyers to picture their future in the house, fostering a stronger connection that could translate into a successful sale. De-cluttering should happen before stage day to make sure your home stagers have a fresh home to design.


No. 3 Neutral Palette: A Canvas for Imagination

While your vibrant orange accent wall might be your pride and joy, it might not resonate with everyone. Opt for neutral paint colors that provide a blank canvas for buyers. Soft, muted tones create an inviting and versatile backdrop that allows potential buyers to visualize how they could customize the space to their liking. You can always add pops of color in the accessories to add interest, yet keep the palette mainly neutral.

staged neutral bedroom

No. 4 Furniture Arrangement: Maximizing Flow and Functionality with a Pre-listing Consultation

Furniture isn’t just for sitting; it’s a tool to showcase the room’s potential. Arrange furniture to optimize traffic flow and highlight the room’s purpose. In the living room, for example, position sofas and chairs around a central point, like a fireplace or coffee table, creating a cozy conversation nook. Since rearranging furniture can be very difficult, Royal Moving Company advises you to hire professionals to do the heavy lifting. One of the biggest attributes of professional home staging is having an experienced designer coming from a neutral perspective being able to decide how to arrange the furniture. If your house has an unusual or difficult floor plan, hiring a home stager, whether for a pre-listing consultation or for a full stage is essential. This way, you can get a personalized plan-of-action on the best way to lay out your home.


Craftsman Home Transitional Eclectic Design Living Room

No. 5 Let There Be Light: Illuminating Your Home’s Charm

Natural light is a property’s best friend. Open curtains and blinds to let sunlight flood in, creating an inviting atmosphere. Clean windows to maximize light penetration, and consider placing mirrors strategically to reflect light and create the illusion of more space.

staged dining room

No. 6 Art of Staging: Weaving Stories with Decor

Staging is akin to storytelling. Craft narratives for each room to guide potential buyers’ imagination to generate images of their desired lifestyle. Set the table with elegant dishware and wine glasses in the dining room to conjure images of festive gatherings. Place a cozy blanket and a well-worn book on a bedroom armchair to paint a picture of relaxation. Quality home staging should be about storytelling rather than just placing furniture in a home. This is how home sell for higher than asking when buyer’s get attached.

staged outdoor seating area around fire


No. 7 Rent Storage: Streamlining and Simplifying

Home staging is most effective when the house is vacant. If you haven’t moved into your new house yet, renting a storage unit is a secret weapon for preparing for that open house. Specifically, one of the best storage tips you can use is clearing out items that aren’t necessary for daily life, like seasonal clothing or excess furniture. That creates an illusion of spaciousness and helps buyers focus on the property’s features rather than your personal belongings.


No. 8 Master Suite Retreat: Elevating Comfort and Luxury

The main bedroom should feel like a luxurious getaway. Adorn the bed with high-quality linens, plush pillows, and coordinating accents. A stylish tray with a water carafe and glasses on the nightstand adds a touch of opulence reminiscent of a luxury hotel. If you’re worried about the costs, remember that investing in home staging pays off.

staged master bedroom

No. 9 Fresh Scents: Engaging the Sense of Smell

Aromatic ambiance is a powerful tool. Subtle scents like vanilla or lavender can create a pleasant atmosphere. Consider placing a vase of fresh flowers in the entryway for a burst of nature’s fragrance. Be cautious not to overpower; the goal is to create an inviting backdrop.


No. 10 Finishing Touches: Elevating Every Detail

It’s the small details that leave a lasting impact. Set the dining table with elegant tableware, stack sumptuous towels in the bathroom, and incorporate decorative accents like vibrant throw pillows or eye-catching artwork. These finishing touches elevate the space and showcase its potential. Not every professional stager designs with the same level of detail which often reflects in the pricing, so make sure you ask about this when gathering quotes. Paying a bit more to go the extra mile is so worth it and an important step to setting up the narrative for potential buyers.

interior design of transitional dining room with neutral accents

Seek Help from Experts

Bringing in professional home staging services offers many advantages that can significantly enhance the impact of your open house. Our experts possess an unparalleled understanding of design principles, spatial dynamics, and buyer psychology. We have a keen eye for identifying a property’s unique selling points and crafting a cohesive narrative that resonates with potential buyers. Professional stagers, such as us, effortlessly transform your space into a captivating canvas that invites imagination and evokes emotion. At the same time, our unbiased perspective allows us to depersonalize the environment. This enables buyers to envision their lives seamlessly blending with their surroundings.

Moreover, by leveraging our experience and industry insights, professionals like us have access to an array of resources, from premium furnishings to the latest design trends. Ultimately, our skillful touch accelerates the sale process and maximizes the value of your property, making the investment in professional home staging a wise and rewarding choice.

Interior designer styling bedding

Conclusion: Your Home’s Star Moment

As you prepare for your open house, remember that staging is your home’s opportunity to shine. Follow these tips on how to prepare your home for an open house to achieve a successful sale. So, get ready to impress potential buyers as your thoughtfully staged home steals the show and beckons them to imagine the life they could lead within its walls.

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