6 Tips to Get Your Patio Summer Ready

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Now that the sun is shining brightly again, it’s time to get your patios ready for some serious entertaining. After months of neglect, you’ll probably want to refresh your patio before inviting friends over for a summer BBQ. Here are six tips to make your outdoor space the only place you want to be this summer.

staged outdoor seating area

1) Clean it.

After sitting unused for several months, there’s bound to be some caked-on grime. You may need to pressure wash the floor, or at the very least use a blower to get rid of debris. Wash the furniture cushions, and wipe down the frames. Starting with a clean slate can help motivate and inspire a new design.


staged outdoor seating

2) Check the furniture.

Now that it’s clean, take a look at the seating you have. Is it still in good shape? Will it accommodate the gatherings you’d like to have? If you’re ready to add to or replace your set, Amazon has some nice, affordable pieces and many of them ship free!


patio seating with blue and white cushions

3) Accessorize.

If new furniture isn’t in your budget, then make your space feel brand new with accessories. New cushions and throw pillows can instantly update what you already have, and adding an outdoor rug can bring in a splash of color.

staged luxury outdoor patio seating

4) Add Plants.

If you have beds near the patio, clean them out and plant some new flowers. Add a couple of stands or pots around your seating area, and fill them with greenery. With just a few plants placed strategically, you can create the look of a garden oasis without having to landscape your entire backyard.

Click here to read about some of our plant recommendations.


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5) Light it up.

If you plan on entertaining in the evening, you’ll want to make sure your guests can see one another. String lights can create a cozy atmosphere, but if you have nowhere to hang them, choose an LED bulb for your outdoor fixture that casts a warm glow since yellow/orange light attracts fewer bugs.


staged garden area

6) Ensure Pest control.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful and comfortable you make your patio if your guests get run off by mosquitoes and other bugs, so make sure you have a way to control them. Citronella candles or torches can help while contributing to the coziness. If you don’t like Citronella there are other plants and herbs that naturally repel mosquitoes and smell delicious. Create a protective wall around you and your guests by filling your stands and pots with Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon Balm.


luxury patio furniture

Now your patio is ready for the summer

With a little time and preparation, your patio can be the backyard paradise you and your guests will enjoy all summer long. Now grab a cold drink, and head outside. It’s time to fire up the grill!


Article written by LeAnne of Pretty Olive Interiors. All images are of Seattle Staged to Sell’s stages as always.

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