How Your Color Palette Could Make or Break Your Home Sale

Wassily Kandinsky, one of the most notable artists of all time once said “Color is a power which directly influences the soul”. Colors can evoke feelings of joy, peace, hope, and love. On the other hand colors can bring about feelings of discomfort, fear, anger, and sadness. We know that different works of art can evoke a vast array of emotions. But how can colors in our home affect the mood of potential buyers? Find out how your color palette could make or break your home’s sale!

Color & Consumer Behavior
The psychology behind color and consumer behavior trends has been widely studied within the last decade. With the great migration of digital commerce, the focus on “eye appeal” has only grown within the field of marketing! According to one study from Digital Information World, 93% of buyers stated they focus most on visual appearance when making a purchase. That being said, which colors influence buyers most positively and negatively?
Green: Provides a focus on tranquility and nature. This color evokes feelings of serenity and decisiveness.
Yellow/ Orange: Can create feelings of optimism and happiness. However, if used too much can create feelings of anxiety and stress.
Red: Known to create feelings of urgency, excitement, and passion. Red is also a color that can evoke fear, anger, and has been shown to increase blood pressure.
Blue: Can create feelings of security and trust. Associated with peace and reliability.
Purple: Associated with wisdom, creativity, and respect.
White: Evokes feelings of safety and security. Provides a feeling of cleanliness and purity.
Grey: Provides the feeling of timelessness.
Black: Associated with authority, power, and strength. When used too much, it can evoke feelings of overwhelm, and unease.
When choosing colors to prepare your house before selling, keep in mind the subtle persuasion that colors can have on the people touring your home.
Color tips to remember when selling your home
Do you have too many accent pieces in black or red? Do you incorporate calming tones in the home that build feelings of security and optimism? Keep these thoughts in mind when preparing your home for the market to add more emotional appeal. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:
1. Adjust the vibrancy of accent colors. Including softer hues in the home could lead to an overall more calming feeling when buyers take a tour. On the flip side, vibrant tones can increase the overall energy of your space. Remember, when going for more vibrant tones be sure to not overwhelm the space with too much of the same hue! Make use of monochromatic hues within the same color to bring cohesion and balance to the space.
2. Match the colors to the space’s function. Utilize the function of the space to dictate your color scheme. For example, bathrooms have a focus of peace and relaxation. Incorporating white for purity with pops of greenery for tranquility could enhance the mood of a bathrooms natural function.
3. Focus on the color wheel! Be sure to understand which colors go together and which combinations to avoid. By utilizing a simple color wheel, you can understand which colors are complementary to each other. Keeping colors within a scheme can add to feelings of harmony, while having a vast array of colors can lead to chaos and confusion.
In Summary, colors can really influence potential buyers when selling your home. Keep in mind the tips and tricks above to color your home, ready to sell!
For more help with preparing your home for the market, contact us for a consultation!
Written by Taylor Kristan – Edited by Ashley Pasquale

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