Marrying Different Styles In This Magnolia New Build Stage

Earlier in the year, we had the pleasure of staging this gorgeous Magnolia new build. For this stage, we wanted to keep things light and neutral to emphasize the freshness of the new build. We staged the home in the transitional style for a soft look. However, we married the transitional design with some modern touches to go well with the contemporary architecture.

Tour of This Magnolia New Build

Living Spaces

Magnolia Seattle Home Staging

We dressed up the kitchen with accessories and created an eating nook in the corner by the windows. In the eating nook, we used wicker chairs but then a white tulip table that went well with the white countertops for a more modern look.

Magnolia Seattle Home Staging

With a newly-built house especially, furniture that ages the home or anything that makes the rooms look dark should be avoided. It is important for any new build to be staged in a way that shows off the newness of the home to attract buyers. That does not necessarily mean that the design should be ultra modern. In the living room, we opted for a very transitional design for a cozy and comfortable look. We used white furniture to keep the room looking bright and fresh to emphasize the natural sunlight.

Staged Magnolia New Build

In the dining area, we used cream-colored transitional dining chairs.  A light neutral modern art piece and cowhide rug added a contemporary feel. These touches paired well with the modern lighting fixture above the dining table.  We then selected a lighter wood dining table to contrast against the dark hardwood flooring to lighten things up. We added some color to the home by bringing in a large houseplant. It brought in the beautiful greens outside the window and into the home.

Staged Magnolia New Build

For the family room, we used more boxy furniture and wall art to mimic the gorgeous contemporary fireplace. We used grey sofas this time to go with the fireplace and chose light neutral scatter cushions to balance out the darker sofas. We used geometric metal vases to add the contemporary touch to the room along with other pieces with metal-finishing throughout. This made the transitional design look extra sleek to fit well with this contemporary Magnolia new build.

Staged Magnolia New Build

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, we wanted it to look contemporary but also soft and perfect for relaxing.  We selected a grey wall color and a taupe duvet cover and tufted headboard for the perfect compromise. Choosing a floral duvet cover helped achieved this effect because it made the room look soft, romantic and inviting. This perfectly contrasted how the grey walls and metallic finishes in the room gave it a sleek modern edge.

Staged Magnolia New Build


So for this Magnolia new build, we married the two styles of contemporary and transitional. This created a cozy yet sleek look perfect for the home. We accomplished this by making the base of our design transitional and then adding contemporary details in smaller furniture pieces and accessories. By using light neutrals throughout the home, we kept the design sophisticated and fresh. The effect altogether made the Magnolia new build look brighter and showed off the home’s newness.

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