Let 2015 Design Trends Inspire You

2015 is here. Personally speaking, I am excited about this year’s influences since most of the trends are up my alley. In 2015, you’ll see many design revivals of the past, especially from the 50’s era, with a modern twist.  This coming year is going to be a year of bold colors, patterns, glamour and feminine elements, which will make 2015 a sexy year. Are you ready to get inspired?

1. Wallpaper – Do you remember the bold wallpaper from both the Mid-Century and Victorian eras? They are back in a big way and this means that consumers will have ample choices of color palettes and patterns to choose from. We’ve been seeing a lot of plain white and neutral wall colors lately and the new wall paper trend will energize these plain rooms. If you love wallpaper, but are afraid to use it in your entire room, try using it on only one wall to create an accent.

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2. Gold – We have seen a lot of gold in 2013 and 2014, but gold is going to play an even bigger role in 2015 design trends. Whether it is burnished brass, polished brass, or gold leaf, you’ll find gold everywhere. Look for gold fixtures and chandeliers. Perhaps you should hold on to your Grandma’s brass bed and gilded mirrors. If you don’t have access to any family gilded pieces, Goodwill, Craigslist, estate sells and your local vintage shops are great places for you to start your search. My advice is to start your hunt early.

Gold Trends 2015

3. Mid-Century – Thanks to the Mad Men series, Mid-Century style, fashion, as well as decor, became a popular trend. In 2015, this style is also coming in an even bigger and louder way. This trend is a bit bittersweet, since it creates a bigger challenge for people like me to find real Mid-Century pieces. However, as far as I am concerned, the Mid-Century sophisticated and beautiful lines and designs never truly went out of fashion and it is lovely to see the younger generations falling in love with this era.

Mid Century trends - 2015 design

Photos from www.HouseBeautiful.com

4. Cowhide – This organic material is making its way to your house and into your closets. Look for cowhide shoes, handbags, pillows, and rugs.

2015 Deign Trends - Cowhide

Photo from www.HouseBeautiful.com

5. Blue Trends  -The blue color trend makes a beautiful companion to the 2015 Pantone color of the year, Marsala and the complimentary pastels.  Rugs, textiles, tiles, paint, and furniture in 2015 will look bold, delicious and divine in blue.  Cobalt, royal, ocean, and turquoise blues are going to be seen everywhere.

Photos From www.HouseBeautiful.com

Photo from www.HouseBeautiful.com

6. Patterns & Prints – Solids are going to take a back seat to the bold patterns. Exotic, floral,  ethnic, Chinoiserie, paisley, and geometric patterns are going to be seen everywhere. Look for birds, patterns, especially peacocks, on textiles.

2015 Pattern trend

6. Natural Materials – In this coming year, you’ll see a mixture of natural and organic elements like stone, metal, and wood to be used together.

7. Versatility – This year, furniture, lighting, textiles and other accent pieces will be more versatile since they will work indoors as well as outdoors.

What do you think about 2015 trends? Love them? Hate them? As I mentioned in the beginning, I love most of the 2015 design trends. The 1950’s is one of my favorite design eras and this Mid-Century revival is what makes the 2015  trends special to me.

Let the bold and feminine design energy of 2015 inspire you.

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