Redfin’s Picks! Top Interior Design Trends for 2020!

As time moves forward so do design trends and styles, and a new year brings unique ways to decorate your home. 2020 will come with some bold, eye-catching new design trends that will look great in any home. With all of these new and exciting ways to decorate your home, we asked some top interior designers located across the nation to share what styles they think will capture your interest in the coming year. If you want to tackle this new year in style, keep reading to learn what these experts are seeing as top design trends for 2020, as well as some tips on how to incorporate these looks in your own home.

Seattle Staged: The year 2020 is pushing the limits with interior design trends, blending old with new and bringing some unexpected things to the table! Many tried and true designs such as the all-white kitchen are out. We will be focusing on bringing in the Pantone Color of the Year, classic blue as well as its competitor, green. Off-trend is on trend this year. Limits will be pushed with vintage accent pieces, high contrast and surprising with the unexpected.

La Finca Interiors: 2020 is all about authenticity. In other words: anti-trend. Collected pieces that show your true personality are coming out of attics and storage bins in a big way. Don’t be afraid to display that old yearbook on top of your Tom Ford coffee table book, or the small figurine you purchased on your trip to Tokyo. The trick is to edit and keep items feeling special by only displaying a few at a time. Great design is a process that takes time, should feel collected and, just like our January diet, is better in moderation.

Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry, Pulp Design Studios: Using every single square inch in the home – but in new and unique ways. Like creating a hidden wine room in the boring space under the stairs. Or fashioning a secret playroom under the eaves of an attic room. No more wasted spaces!

The Design Inspiration & Design Bump: Smart homes have been the trend in recent years, but with more people becoming conscientious of problems like climate change and sustainability, 2020 will bring increased incorporation of environmentally sustainable home elements, such as recycled wood and indoor garden-based designs.

Michael Helwig Interiors: Introspection should be the buzz word for 2020. The world of self-care and personal enrichment translate into minimalist, “Zen” Interiors: the core elements that promote calmness, tranquility and comfort. Think basic geometric shapes like circles and rectangles paired with straight lines in furniture and table top decor. The whole trend is unfussy, peaceful and earth positive. A great way to introduce this trend to your home is to embrace natural elements: stone, natural wood, wool and plants as decor. Natural artifacts like crystal specimens and man-made wood carvings add in a definite feeling that reinforces this trend.

Younique Designs: The biggest design trends we are seeing would be bold graphic shapes in everything from tile to fabric to wallpaper. Also a return to color in the kitchen whether it be in the form of fun color on the cabinets or backsplash to even colored marble. The color green is really trending in our market. We are currently doing high gloss emerald green cabinets in a bar across from a kitchen that features a graphic shaped mosaic tile with various bold colored stones including green marble!

Sarah Jacquelyn: Mango wood is on the rise; this durable wood is perfect for furniture, home accessories, and beautiful sculptures, showcasing a unique and stunning wood grain. Mango wood is sustainable and renewable resource, making it a popular choice among the environmentally conscious. 

Lindsay Saccullo Interiors: Clean Lines and Curves, What’s old is new again. Curved sofas and other upholstery give a nod to 80s silhouettes but clean lines, minimal adornment and simple, textured fabrics provide a modern update.

Joanne Palmisano, Joanne Palmisano Interior: Eco-design, including the three Rs– reuse, reclaim and recycle. Today’s home will feature products that have recycled content in them (tile, metals, countertops, carpet tiles, and textiles), reuse of vintage finds, furniture and rugs as well as reclaimed wood used for mantels, cabinetry, decorative trim, and flooring will all play key roles in today’s home renovations and building projects. 

Form Interiors: In the year ahead we see a greater focus on connection to nature in our homes. Aesthetically that means more organic shapes, tactile surfaces, and nature-inspired palettes. Understanding how things are made and learning more about the finishes and materials being used in our homes is more important than ever.”

The Model Home: High contrast is the name of the game- whether it’s a black chair with white legs or a bold trim or door color that pops against a more neutral wall, the more contrast the better! Take contrast in a different direction: when working with furniture, art, or textiles, mix modern and vintage pieces to create a fun juxtaposition. Mixing old and new is definitely my favorite way to create eye catching spaces, so let’s hope this trend is in for the long haul!

Sustainable Home Interior Design: I hope all clients feel that this is the year to update your home with the style you truly love, it is the one trend that is truly timeless. Following a trend creates a home that might feel dated, and does not express your true personality. With that said, I feel the tide is finally changing away from gray, black and white, and towards color.  

Originally Published on Redfin

Written By Lexi Klinkenberg


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