The Importance of Knowing Your Buyers When Selling Your Home

Home staging is much more than placing nice furniture in a house. Staging is selling a lifestyle that buyers find alluring. What looks great in one home may look out of place—or even drab—in another, even if both homes are at the same price points. Successful staging takes into account the unique aspects of a home that make it an attractive buy. Once you know your targeted buyer, you know what home features you should highlight to sell your home. This is exactly what we did with this waterfront house we staged during the peak of the pandemic. This success story demonstrates the crucial importance of knowing your buyers.

staged living room with water views

A waterfront home stuck on the market

Earlier in the year, we were called to stage a home that had been sitting stale on the market. It had been staged by another company that brought in nice furniture that unfortunately did not fit in with the home’s aesthetic. This fact prevented the house from stirring up much interest. It was taken off the market and we were brought in to restage the property.

Immediately, we recognized that the amazing water views were the selling point of the home and needed to be our focus. Our designers decided to design the home to showcase the water views with a beach resort-inspired look. With our staging, buyers felt that they were on vacation in Hawaii or Malibu as the home’s new design transformed the house into a beach oasis.

beach oasis home

The importance of knowing your buyers

Just as it’s crucial to know the house that you’re selling, knowing your buyers is also vital when putting your home on the market. When you’re selling a lifestyle, it is imperative to know what sort of lifestyle your house can offer. However,  you need to additionally demonstrate how the lifestyle you’re selling matches what the buyers want. This marketed lifestyle makes buyers choose your listed home over other equally nice ones in the area. Waterfront features make a house desirable normally, but our staging tapped into the current climate of COVID lockdown. At a time when everyone spent all of their time in their homes, a staycation-worthy home was of utter importance to the buyers. As vacations were cancelled—people desired to have that holiday feeling more than ever. Our staging made this home look like a getaway vacation home perfect for quarantining in.

staged lounge area with nautical design

The secret to successfully selling a home isn’t nice furniture. It’s selling a lifestyle that flows well with the home and appeals to the target buyer. After we restaged this home, it went pending in one week during the height of COVID. Not only did the staging work to sell the home, but the buyers asked us if they could buy some of our furniture.  As further testament to our staging, the buyers hired us to stage their home on the market!


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