Design Ideas for Beautifying Your Home Gutters

When buying a new home, gutters are probably the last thing you’re looking at when comparing properties. A working gutter system, however, is an essential part of your home as it directs water away from the foundation. In fact, clogged and overflowing gutters can lead to damaged siding, flooded basements, and erosion. Therefore, it’s important to give your gutters the proper maintenance and attention they deserve.

Did you know that gutters are customizable? Even though they seem like simple constructs, gutter systems come in many sizes, colors, and types, meaning they can complement the exterior design of your home. There are several ways to customize your gutters to add curb appeal and make your home stand out from other houses in the neighborhood.

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Add a Rain Chain Instead of a Down Spout

Downspouts? Who needs those?

Well, truthfully, most homes do, but some might also be appropriate for a rain chain instead. These contraptions are aesthetically pleasing and can be used to direct water to a rain barrel or a pebble bed. Rain chains don’t collect water and divert it away from your house like a traditional downspout, so be sure to add this secondary feature.

Rain chains look lovely, no matter the weather. Plus, they produce a trickling sound when it rains, which some homeowners find peaceful and relaxing.

Painting Your Gutters

Painting your gutters is another easy way to spruce up and personalize your gutters. Gutters get dirty quickly as they are constantly exposed to the elements. White gutters, especially, show a lot of dirt and grime. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in making your gutters look aesthetically pleasing. Just make sure you use the correct type of weatherproof paint for best results.

Add Lighting

Lighting that is well placed can bring a dramatic flair to your home. These fixtures can add a sense of beauty to your home and are quite functional for security purposes.

Make sure to have a professional install them since your gutters are too high to reach from the ground. Recess lights and solar lights that attach to your gutters with brackets are great options. Christmas lights are a fun and more affordable option as well. Even putting spotlights in the garden aiming upward to illuminate your home will work wonders.

Copper Gutters

Copper has a beautiful, natural color and is incredibly durable. You can have copper gutters paired with copper gutter guards, both of which will last forever and still look great. With time, copper develops a shade of green patina that adds a sophisticated look too.

Although copper gutters stand out in appearances, so does its price tag. This option is not an inexpensive one. However, there are faux copper gutters that look just like the real thing. Faux copper is typically made from painted aluminum or solid color vinyl.

Add Decorative Drain Pipes and Downspout Diverters

If removing downspouts is too risky for you, installing decorative items like a decorative downspout diverter or a drain pipe can be a simple solution. You can install elements along your drain pipes to add an extra appeal to your yard. Adding a small statue at the base of your downspout can be an easy way to decorate and add flair. For example, you can add a frog statue and make the water flow through its mouth. The possibilities are limitless, so it’s really all up to your imagination!

You Can Use Anything For a Gutter or Downspout

If the material can resist the elements, protect your home, and divert water, it’s likely suitable to be a gutter. Customized gutters can be fabricated from sheet metal to suit your personal taste. If you have something very creative in mind, this is the way to go. Custom work must still meet code. Just because it looks great, doesn’t mean that it will pass inspection. Make sure you have a building plan that can be approved before you make an investment.

Downspouts do play an important role in diverting water away from the home’s foundation. But, downspouts can also be creative. Like gutters, you can customize any material that will contain and direct water away from your home. This means your design options are endless. For example, you can use tubes that are square, round, or oval. They may even come in pairs. When designing a downspout that doesn’t replicate a traditional curve out at the bottom, you’ll need something there to direct water or contain it, similar to what is needed for a rain chain.

Save Water and Use Rain Barrels

Do you want an environmentally safe way to save water? Rain barrels are the perfect solution to conserve and collect water to use for watering lawns, indoor plants, or gardens. Not to mention, it’s free! Plus, rain barrels can easily be customized to flow with the rest of your exterior design elements.

Beautifying Your Gutters Adds Value to Your Home

When you customize your gutters, you are adding extra value to your home. If your house matches your personality, then it is more likely to feel homey and comfortable. A customized gutter system will make your home stand out in the real estate market, making it easy to sell.

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To be clear, customizing gutters is a great way to add your personality to your home and show off your artistic side. Gutters have been designed for function first and painted to blend in as much as possible. They are usually unattractive features but are important for evading water damage. Whether just for looks or function, investing in customized gutters will beautify your home and make it stand out.

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