A Professional Home Staging Consultation Is A GOLDEN Investment

 A professional home staging consultation session is rich with important information pertaining to the staging needs of your home. Below are some of the reasons that make home staging consultations a golden investment and why you should have a professional home stager as part of  your team when you are preparing your home for sale. 

1. During a consultation, we’ll view all the areas and spaces of your home, both inside and out, and provide a comprehensive room by room assessment and a detailed check list. This sets you, the home sellers, on the right path.

Professional Home Staging Consultation Check list

A detailed home staging check list will keep you focused and on track

2. Home staging is all about marketing and this is why our approach to home staging is different from interior design. Our objective is showcasing the best features of each space in your home in order for them to appear spacious and inviting for the prospective home buyers that come through. Our work is strategic, always considering the targeted buyers’ preferences and the camera’s eye.

Professional Home Staging Consultations are your marketing tool

A professional home stager will help to identify the targeted buyers during the consultation.

3. Another goal during a professional home staging is to identifying the key strengths of the property, analyzing and prioritizing recommendations in respect to market trends, buyers’ wish lists, and budget issues provides the homeowner with a clear understanding of not only what has to be done but why these actions are so important. This allows you, the home sellers, to make informed decisions based on your budget. 

Professional Home staging consultations keep you on the budget

A professional home staging consultation will allow you to stay on the budget.

4. As professional home stagers, we know how to address sensitive issues. Having this skill allows us to be honest with the home sellers and point out all of the negative factors such as smell, clutter and that beloved collection.

professional home staging consultation

The truth comes out during a professional home staging consultation.

5. Again, as professional home stagers, we understand the difficult circumstances like death, divorce, and the pain of difficult moves. We put people first and this allows us to create reasonable and friendly check lists and a timeline based on the needs of everybody involved. These procedures help to move the projects forward, even when the circumstances are less than ideal.

professional home staging consultation

Professional home stagers know how to tackle difficult circumstances.

6. Being overwhelmed is part of selling homes. We partner with you to help you to go through the process. We are there when you have questions or when you feel stuck. We will be your biggest cheerleaders. We’ll empower you by inspiring you.

Home stagers are your cheer leaders

Home stagers will cheer you on to the end.

7. We have a list of independent contractors who have worked with us and understand that quality, sticking to our budget, and timing is essential. After evaluating the needs of your home, we’ll put you in touch with the right contractor.


home staging consultation is gold

A professional home staging consultation is a golden investment.



To be on the right track, to accomplish projects in the most efficient way both financially and time wise, and be totally ready for the market is EVERYTHING. This is what your professional home stager will provide you during a consultation, in order for you to meet YOUR sales goals. A professional home staging consultation is a GOLDEN investment indeed. 


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