7 Kitchen Amenities Homebuyers Want Nowadays

Whether you are a skillful cook or not, the kitchen is an essential part of every home. It is where we first go when we wake up in the morning to prepare meals for the day. Therefore, as the heart of every home, it must be functional above all. But the kitchen amenities homebuyers want nowadays need to check many boxes because the evolution of interior design brought higher demands for intelligent solutions that reduce the time spent in the kitchen.

Interior design

Our first impressions are usually influenced by visual appeal. Thus, every real estate agent knows that proper staging will sell any apartment. Most homes in the market have clever interior designs. These designs not only look good but are functional too. Every part of the home is purposely finished. If we can afford more luxurious homes, we get to enjoy spacious bathrooms and a kitchen. Still, the size doesn’t play a significant role if the space is not efficiently organized and all amenities are easily accessible.


Having that in mind, one eternal design that never goes out of style is “the golden triangle.” Three main areas, the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove, need to be assembled in a triangle to create the most functional design. Neither of these elements should be too far apart or too close. This concept is a life-saver, especially if you plan to use your kitchen a lot.

It’s all about the surface

When buying a house, we want to get the most for our money. Ample work surfaces, granite countertops, tasteful backsplashes, etc., are only a few of the things that significantly add value to a home. The white retro-look of tiles in the kitchen is always in, but nowadays, we can see mosaics or even patchwork tiles in many modern homes. Alternatively, the latest trending design innovation uses tiles from tempered glass. They have the advantage of high resistance to damage and temperature shock. This fancy-looking yet long-lasting feature is in high demand among contemporary homeowners.

Appliances that every kitchen must have

There are no universal rules for equipping the kitchen, as each is designed by the homeowner’s standards. Still, they all share a common necessity – kitchen appliances. During the past century, they started making our lives much easier. The use of these devices has become so much of a habit that we no longer remember how hard and exhausting cooking was without a mixer, kettle, blender, microwave, etc.

Naturally, the essential elements that come with the kitchen are deal makers. Refrigerators, quality ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers are obligatory amenities in every kitchen. But every significant modern appliance is a big energy spender too. Thus, some of the most crucial kitchen amenities homebuyers want nowadays need to be eco-friendly. The devices we use every day need to be good for the environment and kind to the electrical bill. If they also have smart-tech upgrades, they will surely increase the home’s value and speed up the sale.

Wise use of storage space

Needless to say that well-optimized pantries, kitchen cabinets, and drawers are always in demand, especially if you plan to cook in your kitchen every day. Since many modern home concepts have open shelving and full-extension sliding shelves, wise solutions are necessary to provide extra space. Still, no storage space could satisfy our needs if we keep the living space cluttered. We can only enjoy the benefits of a perfectly optimized space if re-evaluating our possessions at least once a year. Some things will need to go, while you can keep others in a self storage unit if your home doesn’t provide enough space for everything. Every summer is time to declutter the things that have pilled up in the kitchen, like the Tupperware we never use or the mysterious plastic lids that don’t seem to fit on anything.

Let there be the lighting

We often underestimate the importance of good lighting. Both natural or artificial, if used well, bring out the best in interior design. Modern and quality lighting is one of the kitchen amenities homebuyers want in their houses. Preferably, every kitchen should have access to natural light. Still, if that’s not the case, you can solve things by upgrading artificial lighting elements. LED lighting is usually put above the worktop along its entire length and below the hanging cabinets. And the best thing is, you can always add more light if necessary with LED strips over the molding. This is not only helpful and energy-efficient, but it can also be an exquisite detail that could help modernize any outdated home.


The plumbing fixtures may sound irrelevant at first, but upgrades and maintenance of plumbing are necessary for avoiding any future issues. The consequences mold and water damage can have on your kitchen, and the rest of the home could be catastrophic to your wallet. Moving to a new home is an expensive and overwhelming experience. Therefore, you’ll want to avoid any extra renovations and expenses. According to relocation professionals at usmovingexperts.com, most of their clients saved money during the moving process just in case any adaptation or change of design is necessary for their new home.

Bigger is not necessarily better

Having a limited budget for purchasing a home will narrow down the options at the very beginning of your home hunt. If that is the case, you probably want to make the best of the available square footage and make the place as functional as possible. Naturally, bathrooms and kitchens are the first rooms that get downsized. And even though open-plan living space has its perks, a kitchen doesn’t need to be spacious to be majestic. With the right design, you can maximize the potential of every nook. If you purposely curate it, a small kitchen can have everything a big kitchen can offer.

These are just a few crucial kitchen amenities homebuyers want nowadays. Still, every homebuyer has different needs and priorities. Maybe you’re a person who prefers stainless steel appliances. Perhaps the deciding factor for your kitchen design is the cabinetry appeal. Or you can’t have a kitchen without an island. The choice is entirely up to you and your deal breakers and deal makers. In the end, this essential space in your home should make you happy, and that’s all that should matter.

Written by Sophia Perry

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