5 Moving Mistakes You Must Be Aware of Before Moving

1) Not hiring a reputable professional moving company.

There are a lot of professional moving companies today. You can easily find one from your neighborhood or from your friend’s referrals. You can even search one online and make all of your transactions there. Doing all of these might be convenient but hiring a moving company just for the sake of it doesn’t guarantee positive results. In worst cases, not being careful about which company you hire can result in more costs and stress.

You can steer away from this direction simply by paying attention to the professional moving company you hire. Once you’ve decided that you’re going to hire one, do your homework and research about the company. Look for online reviews about movers in the Greater Seattle Area, check their licenses and insurance, and ask for recommendations from the community. You should only hire a professional moving company with a good track record.

2) Procrastinating on the tasks required for the move.

As mentioned, you’ll have a lot on your plate once you decide to move. You’ll be bombarded with tasks before, during and after the actual move. This is the reason why time should always be on your side when you’re moving. Once you’ve already set your moving date, carefully prepare a timeline. This timeline should include the list of tasks you’ll have to do for the move and when should you work on each of these. This is an easy way of determining which tasks should be prioritized while keeping track of your progress.

moving mistakes: not Labeling boxes properly

Image by BilliTheCat on Pixabay.

3) Not properly labeling all of your moving boxes. 

Labeling should be your best friend when you’re moving. With a labeling strategy, you’ll easily monitor your valuables and unpack them in their designated areas in the room. This can help you save time and energy. Because of its importance, you should determine a labeling strategy you’re going to use for the move. Regardless if you’re planning to ask for help from friends and family or hire professionals, everyone should be consistent with the same labeling strategy.

items that clutter your home and make moving more stressfulPhoto by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

4) You don’t get rid of useless things.

Every item in your home is valuable. While some of these might have sentimental value, others are probably purchased from your hard-earned money. But just because this is the case doesn’t mean that you should bring all of these to your new home. You don’t want to bring anything which will only cause you to pay higher moving expenses or collect dust, right? Before you start packing, declutter your entire home and sort out which items are still usable or not. For the ones which you’re going to dispose of, decide if you’re going to sell or give these away. Having a garage sale weeks before the move is an easy way of disposing of useless items while earning money.

5) You don’t pack a moving essentials bag.

By the time you arrive in your new house, you still need a couple of days to unpack all of your moving boxes and arrange all of the items you brought with you. If you have a lot of moving boxes, this process might even take weeks to finish. To save yourself from going through every moving box, pack a moving essentials bag. This bag should be packed separately from your moving boxes and should contain all of the most important things you’ll need when you arrive. This should include your clothes, toiletries, medicines, and chargers.

Now that you know the top 5 moving mistakes, you can save yourself from further stress and enjoy a smooth-sailing move. Good luck!


Article by Dianne Belencio-Abonita. She has been writing blogs for Movers NYC quite some time now. She is interested in a lot of things which makes it a joy for her to write about moving companies NYC.

Article edited by Rhoya Selden of Seattle Staged to Sell.]]>

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