• Seattle Home Staging – Preparing Houses For Sale

    Seattle home staging prepares homes for sale and helps home owners to achieve their sale goals and sometime even surpass it.

    When you are preparing your home to put it on the market for sale, you need to keep these facts in mind:

    1. Your home will be competing fiercely with the other houses on the market. Homes going on the market is like being on a beauty pagent and the prettiest one wins. Ask yourself, do you want to sell your house or do you want your house to sell your competition? Home staging makes the difference.
    2. 95% of home buyers look online before deciding to come in person to view the houses.  The SOLD sign goes up only after home bueyrs have visited the homes. Home staging creates beautiful online photos and entices home buyers to come in and take a look. 
    3. 85% can’t visulaize how to see themselves in the homes for sale. Home Staging defines the rooms for the home buyers and takes out the guessing game out. 
    4. Empty rooms look smaller than furnished rooms. Home staging not only defines the spaces, but it helps to showcase the size of the rooms. 
    5. Vacant homes stay on the market an average of 165 days where the house price has been reduced several time and in addition the upkeep cost of the house is ongpoing while the house stays on the market. Home staging reduces the number of days on the market or DOM since the national average of DOM for staged homes is 29. We, as a Seattle based home staging company, are proud to say that the average DOM for Seattle Staged To Sell is 19 days. Home staging is an investment and NOT an expense. 
    Seattle staged to sell home staging statistics.
    Our 2012 home staging stats have us jumping for joy!

    These before and after photos of  Seattle staged homes speak volumes of the importance of preparing homes for sale with home staging. 

    • Home Staging prepared and transformed this forgotten basement into a cozy media room. Do you think homebuyers would have been able to imagine the  possibilities  and different functions of this room without home staging? The answer is NO! Home staging parepares and defines every space of the house. Remember every space matters.

    Seattle home staging transforming homes
    The before and after photos shows how staging transformed and prepared this basement for home buyers.
    •  Home staging transformed this unidentified and small room into an inviting and cozy kid’s room. A well prepared house for sale sells faster by crushing the competition. 
    Seattle home staging transforming seattle homes
    Unidentified room was transformed into a cozy and inviting kdis room.
    •  Before home staging, this kitchen was dull and dark. After home staging this beautiful mid-century kitchen was transformed and the cabinets became one of hte higlights of  this house. 
    Seattle home staging company
    This kitchen looked tired and dark. Home staging transformed this space.
    •  Every room in this house was painted in strong and dark colors, which suited the home seller’s taste and life style while they lived in it. However, home staging created a cohesive and well identified bright rooms.
    home staging transformed this seattle Queen Anne house.
    Home staging transformed these rooms into cohesive and bright ones.

    These house transformations and results make home staging an investment and it is cheaper than the first price reduction. Be an informative home seller and hire a professional home stager to prepare your home for the market. Let the competition sell your and not the other way around. 



  • Another Seattle Home Staged & SOLD In ONE Day

    There are LOTS of aspects about my home staging business, that I love. But three of them stand out above all the rest. First, I get to meet some amazing people that I would not have otherwise. Second, I come across so many unusual homes and neighborhoods that I would not have seen if I was not a Seattle based home stager. Third, I get to see homes transformed before the FOR SALE sign goes up.  This is just delightful! 

    This particular home on Dearborn Ave South is a good example. When I met with the homeowners of this rental property, Eric and Courtney, it was as though I had known them forever. Right away, we connected and had so much fun walking through their house and hearing stories of how they used different spaces and about the fun parties they had shared with their family and friends. This home was totally a four-season entertainment home. I knew right away, that we need to convey this to the potential buyers.

    Michael Ackerman, the listing agent, and I were getting so excited as we were discussing our home staging strategies. Michael is one of our amazing and inspiring  ideal clients. After working with each other for so long, we know how to work together to produce the best results for our clients. Right away, we knew what needed to be done to transform this Seattle home and get the greatest ROI for our clients.

    Seattle Staged Home On Dearborn Ave South

    Another charming FOR SALE Seattle home was successfully staged, transformed, and ready for the market. After the repairs and home staging were complete, Michael Ackerman felt that the house should be priced higher than the initial estimate since it was now a different and improved product.

    When you are planning to put your home on the market, keep the big picture in mind. Follow the advice of your realtor and home stager and come onto the market when you have transformed your home and it is ready. It takes more effort to sell homes successfully, especially these days, when home buyers are looking on the internet to find their homes. According to 2011 HomeGain – you will get your money back and then some!


  • “My house is SOLD. Can I have a refund?”

    Last year, I was asked by a dear client of mine to come and see a new listing of his in the Lake Union area and to give him a quote for staging it. The unit was a spacious two bedroom condo with amazing unobstructed views of Lake Union. The house had previously been on the market for three months without any success and the homeowner had decided to move on to a new agent, my client.

    This homeowner loved the color of purple and all the walls were painted purple. The furniture was dark and the home was cluttered. After viewing the house, it was obvious why this home was not selling.

    We recommended a neutral wall color and a full staging for this house since the homeowners had already purchased a new home and could move into it right away.

    After the painting and staging, this condo was totally transformed. The distractions of clutter and color were gone and now the beautiful views of Lake Union, which were the main selling point of this house, become the primary focal point.

    houses staged by seattle staged to sell
    Home staging brings the offers!

    The condo was SOLD in less than a week after being staged. My happy client, the agent, had called me to let me give me the news right away. He also chuckled as he told me that the homeowner was saying that she obviously didn’t need home staging after all, since the house got sold so fast and asked if she could get her money back or at least get a partial refund. 

    I will never forget this client and her request. For me, this story highlights the importance of home staging and why it is an investment and not an expense.