Why Staging The Outdoor Space Is a Must

When you are selling your home, staging the outdoor space is just as important as staging the interior. Whether you are selling a condo and just have a small balcony or a house with a spacious yard, staging these spaces will create interest and a lot of value to your home.

Nowadays, people look at the MLS photos before deciding to come in and view the homes in person. Staging the outdoor spaces will bring attention and interest. Remember that when you are selling your home, you are not just selling square footage, you are selling a lifestyle. Staging and showcasing the outdoor spaces is a huge part of selling your home.

Here are some tips to stage your outdoor spaces, especially if you are on a tighter budget

  • If you can borrow an outdoor set from a neighbor or a friend, do that.
  • If you have an older metal set that has seen better days, consider spray painting them using a fun and bold color
luxury home staged in Queen Anne, Seattle

Queen Anne Craftsman Staged home

  • If you have weathered teak set and you can’t refinish them, then just add some colorful pillows
  • For outdoor dining spaces, a colorful tray of soda and plates will go a long way
Laurelhurst Luxury home staging

Laurelhurst Modern Staged Home

  • Potted plants – I can’t emphasize enough how important and wonderful it is to have some potted plants. If you are selling your home in the winter, you can use winter blooming plants like Halbourous or Cyclamen plants. If your patio or garden is exposed to direct sun and you are selling your home in the hot months, pick something that is colorful and droughts tolerant like geranium or lavender.
Luxury Laurelhurst home staging

Laurelhurst Modern Staged Home

There is a lot one can do, without breaking the bank, to spruce up the outdoor spaces and make them shine. Potted plants, an outdoor rug, colorful pillows, and some props like a tray of soda goes a lot way to add interest, color, and excitement highlighting these coveted spaces.

Capitol Hill staged Condo

A bit of color went a long way for this Capitol Hill staged Condo.

Whether homes are high-end multi million dollar homes or a one bedroom condo, the outdoor spaces matter and they should be staged.

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