Urban Belltown Condo Design

As it’s a new year, we have been going through 2017’s designs for reflection. As with any skill, we continue to get better over time. It is important to look over our work to learn from it to improve our designs in 2018. This stage of an urban Belltown Condo is one of our favorites of 2017.

What makes this Belltown condo one of our favorite stages?

What we loved about this stage was the balance between contemporary sophistication and bold colors. This stage’s decor proved that when done right, you don’t need to chose between a fresh look and a playful personality. The walls were light grey with white trimming, and most of our furniture corresponded to this sleek color palette. Once we made the base of the design look minimalistic and polished, we could add character by adding fun colors. We chose mustard yellow and a punchy coral to add warmth to the cool-toned walls.

Being located in one of the most exciting areas in the city so close to the Amazon headquarters, our targeted buyers were young professionals. We presented an urban lifestyle for our targeted buyers and made sure to use hip pieces to give the condo youthful flair.

Seattle Belltown Neighborhood Home Staging Design Living Room

For the living room, we wanted the views to stand out in this luxury condo. Located in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood close to Downtown and the waterfront, we aimed to emphasize the views that set this condominium apart. In order to showcase the condo’s urban views, we made the sofa, side table, lamp, and coffee table blend into the background. The minimalistic base design opened up the space, making it appear larger. Meanwhile, we anchored the room with the peppy colors and black sheepskin throw.

seattle belltown condo home staging design

Our real estate agent client requested a blended style that included mid-century. To accommodate our client, we used mid-century inspired pieces to create an eating nook off from the kitchen area.

Seattle Belltown Condo Bedroom Home Staging Design

We decided to keep the bedroom extra tranquil to show off the perfect space for relaxing amidst the heart of the city. We added one mustard yellow cushion to tie in with the rest of the condo’s interior design while keeping almost everything in the room grayscale. To create interest in the room, we incorporated different textures in our use of furry pillows and a woven headboard.


All together, we decorated a hip and trendy condo perfect for young professional buyers. It had personality and pizazz. It was colorful in a clean, polished way. All in all, a job well done. STAGED & SOLD!

To view the cinematic property video click here.


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