Tips For Selling Your Home During The Holiday Season

Staging and marketing homes can be stressful, especially during the Holiday Season. But don’t worry! You can be successful by following a few simple tips.

Holiday Season

  • Less is ALWAYS better than more, especially during the holiday seasons. Be selective and don’t overcrowd your home with lots of decoration.
  • Choose a monochromatic color palate like silver and white or gold.
  • Different people celebrate different holidays, but everyone relates to the winter season. Bring the outside in. Evergreen branches, ivy, and red berry branches are beautiful and seasonal. Nature speaks to all of us.
  • Instead of poinsettias and colored candles, consider  using white potted hydrangea and ivory candles.
  • Choose a slender (taller and narrower) tree with few nicely wrapped presents. Remember you are selling floor space.
  • Consider removing a piece furniture to make room for the Christmas tree.
  • White lights with white wires are more elegant than multicolored lights with green wires.
  • When in doubt, contact the professionals. We are here to help!
Happy Holidays!



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